September Newsletter

Fall / Autumn is here and we turn our attention to humidification control as temperatures cool down.

Enhanced Display

On both the FOCUS and IBEX pumps, the advanced PLC controller has given more options and information available to the user. On both systems the door mounted control panel will give the user much more information. The screen will display

Current status (ready/running)

Current system pressure (high)

System running hours

Oil change notification

When a UV light is used on the

pump, alarm for service

Low inlet water pressure and

restart countdown

VFD Fault

Pump prime sequence

Drain time per pump.

3 x 7 day timers for weekly


Cycle timer for "pulse" operations

Optional extras that can be specified when ordering:

Temperature control (single zone)

Humidity control (single zone)

Temperature Humidity sensor


Is your system ready for the season?

Before activating make sure the filters are clean, change if necessary: Check / change the pump oil: Flush the system (see manual): Check nozzles for performance. Each (standard) nozzle puts out 12 lb/hr. or 5.5 kg/hr. when performing correctly. Blockages reduce this output considerably.

Controlled Humidity with Fog MicroCool Interview Featured in HortiDaily Magazine

The following interview with MicroCool's Mark Stanley is featured in the International HortiDaily Magazine for greenhouse growers. "Installing a fog system inside your greenhouse can be a very useful tool to control the temperature and humidity. But what are crucial points when you install such a system and what can you expect when growing using a fog system."


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