September 2008 NEW Slim Line Ultra-Bright Negative Mode LCDs from Densitron

London, Tuesday 9 September 2008: Densitron's new range of Negative Mode LCDs is designed specifically to offer a brilliant display into the tight form factors of 1RU (1U) and 2RU (2U) rack size applications.

The new range utilizes premium materials and excellent cell gap control. The 1RU panels accommodate the high graphic content of a 240 x 64 display packed into a module measuring only 34mm tall; while the 2RU options contain the high graphic content of a 240 x 128 display packed into a module that is just 55mm tall.

The new Negative Mode LCDs are available in the following colours: Jade Green, Arctic White, Warm Amber, Midnight Blue, Tangerine Orange, Ocean Blue and Sunburst Yellow. They are perfect for audio, hand held instruments, industrial indoor meters, instrumentation, medical Equipment, rack mount equipment and white goods.

The new ultra-bright displays are also available in positive mode and the 2U is available with touch screen options. They offer a unique option to customers requiring long product availability, wide operating temperature and bril-liant looking displays.

For further information on the Densitron Range of Products, please contact your local Densitron sales office where our technical support teams are waiting to help.

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