SEPCO, Solar Electric Power Company, Illuminates Area and Walkway Lighting for Famed U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, San Diego

• Solar-powered LED outdoor area and walkway lighting at military installation uniquely meets energy-reduction standards for federal facility; provides high visual-acuity white-light, 100% off-grid at a fraction of previous on-grid HPS light, with double the lamplife.

San Diego, CA – 143-units of outdoor area and walkway lighting retrofits have been installed at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, San Diego. Low-profile, remotely placed, ground-mounted solar panels from SEPCO, were newly connected to existing light poles throughout a base area known by the historic name as Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (“BEQ”). The new longer-life, lower maintenance white lights save hundreds of man hours because of now much less-frequent bulb replacements; in bulb expenses; and in electricity expense. Previous 150-watt high-pressure sodium lights were removed from the tops of those 143 existing poles.

In their place were installed highly engineered, state-of-the-electronic-art LED luminaires. These luminaires employ a new eye-catching “transitional” lighthead design, reminiscent of classical early 20th century outdoor fixture designs. Yet, the new luminaires contain modern LED optics that consume a mere 18 watts each instead of 180 Watts with HPS with ballast loss - with all of the greatly reduced, longer-life watts now free of charge, because of off-grid solar power.

More secure, constantly renewable solar power is always completely unaffected by any electrical-generation or power-distribution interruptions. In so doing, MCAS Miramar now meets Federal Energy Policy Act requirements for materially reduced energy use, at low replacement cost with added security.

HPS systems typically have a 20,000- to 25,000-hour operating life before lamps get noticeably weaker or go out, requiring replacements. LEDs typically have a 60,000-hour or greater rated lamp life, with comparably rated LED electronic drivers, resulting in a new all solid-state lighting system. Electrical conduits and wiring for the new solar luminaires are all underground, further enhancing aesthetics throughout and adjacent the BEQ area of Miramar. Only one SEPCO ground-level ultra longlife solar-panel array is needed to operate up to four individual luminaires.

The solar-powered LED fixtures operate on dusk-to-dawn through solar panel sensing. 257,400 watts previously consumed by non-instantaneous, warmup-required off-white HPS lighting, have now been reduced to a total of 2574 watts, with the same number of now instant-on white-light luminaires. Lamp replacement costs have been cut by half or more; visual acuity for pedestrians and motorists is higher and more pleasing; zero electrical grid power is used from this all-solar LED outdoor lighting.

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