Separators remove +99% liquid and solid entrainment.

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Wright-Austin Series 30L removes entrainment, 10 microns or larger, from air, gas, and steam lines. Eleven configurations are available, plus vertical and horizontal installations with numerous inlet and outlet configurations. Vortex containment plate system uses carefully placed rings that shield separated liquid from vortex action within separator and directs it to drain, preventing re-entrainment.

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Separator Removes +99% of Entrained Liquid from Air, Gas and Steam Systems

Wright-Austin Series 30L Gas/Liquid Separators, manufactured by Hayward Industrial Products, Inc can remove +99% of all liquid and solid entrainment, 10 microns or larger, from air, gas and steam lines. The Series 30L is available in eleven different configurations. Plus, there are units for both vertical and horizontal installations and with numerous inlet and outlet configurations.

These separators feature a very simple, yet highly efficient design. Because there are no moving parts, maintenance is not a consideration. In operation, as steam, air or gas enters the unit it encounters curved stationary blades, creating a controlled centrifugal action. Entrained liquids and solids are forced to the outer wall, and then to a drain, from which they exit.

In the past separators have often operated at less than peak efficiency due to the re-entrainment of separated liquid at normal or high flow rates. This problem has been solved with the development of a vortex containment plate system which makes use of carefully placed rings that shield the separated liquid from the vortex action within the separator and directs it to the drain. Sheltered in this manner from the turbulence of the swirling gas or air flow, the liquid cannot be re-entrained after separation.

In steam applications the separator is installed ahead of steam turbines to protect blades against the erosive action of wet steam, pipe scale and other entrained material. They can also be used in steam distribution lines to assure clean, dry steam for use by heat exchangers, pressure reducing valves, temperature regulators, meters and other process equipment.

In compressed air lines following inter-coolers and after-coolers they remove entrained moisture which otherwise might cause damage in successive stages of compression or to subsequent processes. The Series 30L is also used in primary air lines to remove liquid from air lines supplying compressed air to air chucks, nozzles and paint spray equipment. They work especially well in long pipe runs and where wide temperature differentials are to be found. When used for moisture separa-tion of refrigerated air dryer packages the Series 30L is highly efficient.

In compressed gas systems the separator is used in conjunction with inter-cooler and after-cooler equipment installed on gas compressors. These units are highly effective and can eliminate oil, tar, water and other objectionable entrainment.

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