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Separating Doors create unique room divides.

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Mar 30, 2007 - Specified with aluminum interior and exterior or aluminum exterior and wood interior, Lift and Slide Door Systems feature panels that can nest behind one another or recess into pocket opening to disappear completely from view. Folding Door Systems, also available, come in 2 models with panels that fold back against each other to create clear opening. While one model hides door hinge from view for clean look when closed, other maximizes thermal performance in colder climates.

Original Press Release

Kolbe Debuts Lift & Slide and Folding Doors

Press release date: Mar 15, 2007

Wausau, Wis. -- Whether highlighting panoramic views or creating unique room divides, Kolbe Lift & Slide and Folding Door System's innovative hardware and sill designs provide expansive, easy-to-operate openings.

Exemplifying the essence of modern living, lift & slide door panels can either nest behind one another or recess into a pocket opening to disappear completely from view. Folding door panels fold back against each other to create a clear opening. Both door styles are available in energy-efficient glass options, numerous panel configurations, a broad palette of finishes and interior wood species, and other accessories to coordinate with nearly any decor.

Kolbe's Lift & Slide Doors offer two operational configurations -- pocketed or nested. Pocketed doors allow for a clean opening with no visible panels because the individual door panels recess into a pocket constructed within the finished wall. Nested doors are visible as the panels stack to one side or both sides of the opening.

Lift & Slide Doors may be specified as either aluminum on both interior and exterior, or as aluminum exterior with wood interior. For those choosing doors with a wood interior, Kolbe's palette showcases nine, standard, factory finishes a variety of wood species and accommodations for supplier-sourced woods to match even the most unusual and exclusive designs.

For either Lift & Slide option, the extruded aluminum can be finished with versatile paint or durable anodize in a broad palette of distinctive standard, specialty and custom colors. Custom creations and computer-accurate color matching also are available for homeowners seeking a unique design or the right fit for their renovation.

The same spectrum of aluminum finishes is available for Kolbe's two Folding Door Systems. One model hides the door hinge from view for a clean look when the unit is closed; and the other specially engineered to maximize thermal performance in colder climates.

Both Lift & Slide Doors and Folding Door Systems present three sill design choices to unobtrusively transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Multi-point locking hardware offers additional security and handle sets may be selected from numerous styles and finishes such as popular brushed chrome and oil rubbed brass.

To learn more about Kolbe's lift & slide and folding doors, please call 800-955-8177 or visit

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