Sentry Electric Extends Post-Top Luminaire Offering with Addition of Cosmopolis Lamp/Ballast Combination from Philips

FREEPORT, NY, - Sentry Electric, one of North America's oldest and most knowledgeable manufacturers of outdoor lighting, has extended its broad offering of decorative luminaires with a new lamp/ballast combination that helps to reduce the luminaire's total cost of ownership. The new system, Cosmopolis, manufactured by Philips Lighting, offers a feature laden economic alternative to a market that is challenged to justify the jump to LED solid state lighting. Cosmopolis reduces energy consumption, reduces luminaire maintenance, and provides improved lighting as compared to traditional HID lamp sources.

The Cosmopolis system consists of a specially designed miniaturized metal halide lamp source in combination with a surge-protected electronic ballast. Working together for upwards of 30,000 hours, the lamp experiences far less degradation than is seen with magnetically ballasted systems. Cosmopolis offers the following money-saving benefits:

o Extended lamp life - up to 30,000 hours for 60W, 90W and 140W Cosmopolis lamps. Comparatively, a 100W or 150W metal halide lamp would require as many as three lamping cycles to achieve 30,000 hours.

o Reduced energy consumption - a 90W Cosmopolis lamp consuming 99 system watts has comparable light output to a 100W metal halide lamp consuming 130 watts.

o Reduced rate of lamp depreciation - Cosmopolis lamps depreciate at a slower rate than other metal halide lamps. This allows for designs with either fewer luminaires or reduced Cosmopolis lamp wattages to achieve the same lighting results.

o Dimming options - Cosmopolis lamps can be dimmed, which allows for integration with energy saving lighting control systems.

How Does Cosmopolis Work

Cosmopolis' electronic ballast utilizes solid state technology. It experiences fewer ballast losses and offers improved power regulation to the lamp. This helps reduce the battering that lamps typically experience with thousands of on off cycles and thousands of hours of use. Additionally, engineers from Philips took painstaking efforts to advance various aspects of the lamp's design. This includes the arc tube's size and shape, the electrical power connections, and the formulation of the halide salts within the arc tube.

Sustainability Advantages:

Luminaires utilizing the Cosmopolis lamp/ballast system offer a sustainable solution while providing the following advantages:

o Environmental friendliness by utilizing low levels of mercury in the lamps and by altogether eliminating the use of lead in the ballasts.

o Reduction in power consumption, which lowers emissions that contribute to global warming.

o Reduction in the size and weight of the lamp and ballast, which reduces the amount of scrap waste and reduces the costs of packaging and shipping.

o Longer lamp life along with fewer relamping cycles reduce the amount of scrap waste as well as diminishing the energy normally consumed in deploying maintenance vehicles.

About Sentry Electric:

Sentry Electric is North America's most responsive source of standard and custom exterior lighting, completely committed to end-to-end project success. The company's specification grade cast iron and aluminum luminaires, bollards, poles, brackets and accessories are installed across America's prestigious municipal street, park and university settings, including deployments at Yale University, Battery Park City in lower Manhattan, Indianapolis' Lower Canal Park, UCLA and Ellis Island. Lighting designers and engineers, architects and urban planners all rely on the company's commitment to end-to-end project success and its unparalleled knowledge of architecturally significant exterior lighting, honed over the past sixty years. Sentry has produced award-winning outdoor lighting products, including the exclusive SCP Central Park tulip luminaire, the winner of a Central Park Conservancy design competition. Its rugged, cast aluminum structure meets New York City's vandal resistance specifications. Sentry's catalog includes a range of luminaires in a variety of styles that incorporate many different light sources, including LED, high intensity discharge (HID), compact fluorescent, induction and incandescent, for high efficiency, photometric performance, service life and energy use.


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