Sensors detect labels or color marks on packaging.

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Featuring 2 mm slot width, microprocessor-controlled SR21 Photoelectric Sensors have 12-bit resolution and 20 µs response time, enabling throughput of up to 25,000 labels/sec. Equipped with optical feedback correction system, units can tolerate subtle vibration or movement, and can detect semi-transparent labels without slowing down line. Settings can be changed without stopping machine, eliminating downtime.

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*NEW* IDEC SR21 Sensors Are The Fastest On The Market!

Sunnyvale, CA, December 6, 2007-New IDEC-DATASENSOR SR21 photoelectric sensors make it easy to detect labels or color marks on packaging! With fast throughput speeds up to 2.5 times faster than competitor sensors; a correction system that keeps your sensor performing even in harsh environments; and settings that can be changed while your machine is still running, these sensors can do it all! When you need a sensor that can detect labels with speed, accuracy and repeatability, SR21 is the only choice.

SR21, micro-processor controlled slot sensors, have a 2mm slot width, high 12-bit resolution and a low 20µs response time. That means you can consistently have labels fly through this sensor at a fast throughput speed of 25kHz, while maintaining a consistent result. That's up to 25,000 labels per second compared with only 10,000 when using competitor sensors! The sensor has a unique optical feed back correction system, providing stable performance over its specified temperature range. SR21 can tolerate subtle vibration or movement, and can even detect semi-transparent labels without slowing down your line. Need to set or reset the switching threshold? With SR21 you can do it automatically by simply pressing a push-button, or dynamically during label movement. That's right! You can change settings without even stopping the machine. No downtime. No wasted time and money.

Common applications for this sensor include label counting and detection, label tape feeding and tape guidance control. The SR21 model with double red or green light is ideal for detection of semi-transparent labels or registration marks on semi-transparent films for automatic packaging.

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About IDEC: Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, IDEC Corporation is a global manufacturer known worldwide for over six decades for its reliable control and automation products. In the United States, IDEC has over thirty local sales offices to assist customers with choosing the right switches, relays, power supplies, PLCs, O/Is, sensors and more. A leader in the industry, IDEC produces only the highest quality products. For additional information, visit

About DATASENSOR: Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, DATASENSOR has been on the international market for over 35 years as a leader in the development, production and commercialization of photoelectric devices for detection, safety, measurement and inspection for industrial automation. DATASENSOR is Italy's largest photoelectric sensing device manufacturer and Europe's third largest. DATASENSOR belongs to DATALOGIC's industrial Group Hydra Spa. For additional information, visit

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