Sensor/Transmitter measures combustible gases.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing matched pair of catalytic elements, Model EX-6100 can be calibrated for 0-100% LEL hydrogen, methane, propane, butane, or other combustible hydrocarbons. Unit includes internal alarm relay PC board, 2 inlet/outlet ports, and plug-in sensor as well as LCD and non-intrusive calibration. Certified to international standards, Model EX-6100 provides 4-20 mA output signal and requires 24 Vdc power from PLC or other controller. Weather guard and remote sensor are optional.

Original Press Release:

EX-6100 Sensor/Transmitter for Combustible Gases

The new EX-6100, 24 VDC, Combustible Gas Sensor/Transmitter utilizes a matched pair of catalytic elements. The sensor can be calibrated for 0-100% LEL hydrogen, methane, propane, butane or other combustible hydrocarbons. The EX-6100 is standard with an internal alarm relay PC board, two inlet/outlet parts, and plug-in sensor. Other features include a liquid crystal display, 4-20 mA output and non-intrusive calibration. Options include a weather guard and remote sensor. The EX-6100 provides a 4-20 mA output signal, and requires 24 VDC power from a PLC or various model controllers available from ENMET. The EX-6100 is certified to international standards. For more information contact: ENMET Corporation, P.O. Box 979, Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Phone: 734-761-1270 FAX: 734-761-3220

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