Sensor Kit increases pressure rating to 350 psi.

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Available for commercial sensor products (CSP) for high-pressure environments, kit consists of flange with fitted O-ring and 3 screws. Flange kit fits onto all CSP metal sensor heads, making it suitable for high-pressure applications such as hydraulic or air operated devices. Sensor line is manufactured with stainless steel sensor tube and is shielded to prevent signal interruption. Each sensor provides analog and pulse width modulated outputs.

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MTS Develops Commercial Sensor Kit to Increase Pressure Rating to 350psi

CARY, N.C. (February 23, 2004) - MTS Sensors has developed an accessory kit to its commercial sensor products (CSP) line for high-pressure environments. The kit, which consists of a flange with a fitted O-ring, and three screws provides a pressure rating up to 350psi. Standard magnetostrictive CSP sensors are safe to operate under ambient atmospheric pressures and would normally require an isolation tube between the sensor and environment to protect the sensor in high-pressure applications. The new kit enables quick pressure rated upgrades to accommodate these applications without custom designs or special space considerations.

"The flange kit is a cost-effective way for engineers to increase the amount of pressure each sensor can withstand," said Commercial Products Manager, Jesse Russell.

The flange kit fits onto all CSP metal sensor heads making it ideal for high pressure applications such as hydraulic or air operated devices. This CSP sensor line is manufactured with a stainless steel sensor tube for robustness and is shielded to prevent signal interruption. The sensor is also manufactured with standard or customizable metal mounting plates for easy low-profile installation in machinery. Custom active stroke range null and full-stroke points are available for any sensor physical length. Operational temperature range is -40ºC to +105ºC for the IP67 model.

Each sensor provides both analog and PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) outputs. The remote package design results in a smaller overall sensor size with the electronics housed within the cable up to a meter away or, optionally, included within the customer's controller board to reduce cost further. Sensors may measure lengths up to 250mm and are available in standard lengths for fast delivery on the MTS Web Store at

For more information on MTS Sensors Group and Commercial Sensors, please contact: Jesse Russell, MTS Sensors Division, 3001 Sheldon Drive, Cary, NC 27513. Phone: (919) 677-2314. E-mail:

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