Sensor Kit includes all parts needed for installation.

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To facilitate ordering process, Sensor Solution Kit contains four 786A accelerometers and all complimentary parts required for installation. Kit includes 4-channel termination box, four 32 ft cable assemblies, 4 cement mounting pads, spot facing tool, and mounting epoxy. Product ships complete with mounting instructions and technical notes to assist with installation.

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Wilcoxon Research Introduces Sensor Solution Kit

Gaithersburg, MD - October 2004 - Wilcoxon Research, the leading supplier of quality vibration sensors, announces the release of their new Sensor Solution Kit. Wilcoxon's Sensor Solution Kit contains 4 accelerometers and all the complimentary parts required for installation at a reduced package price.

The Sensor Solution Kit is designed to assist Engineers ordering sensors by combining the accelerometers and mounting requirements under one part number. Maintenance and Reliability Engineers easily locate only one part number and provide that to the purchasing department, or they can buy directly at Because all of the pieces required for installation are provided in the Sensor Solution Kit, delays resulting from mis-ordered and unordered parts are eliminated, saving customers both time and money.

The Sensor Solution Kit contains 4 of Wilcoxon's 786A accelerometers, which lead the industry in quality and reliability. The Kit also contains a 4-channel termination box, 4 32-foot cable assemblies, 4 cement mounting pads, a spot facing tool, and mounting epoxy. The Kit is shipped to the customer complete with mounting instructions and technical notes to facilitate installation.

"The idea for the Sensor Solution Kit originated with one of Wilcoxon's valued customers who wanted an easier way to order parts," says Ron Denton, Application Engineer for Wilcoxon Research, Inc. "The Kit provides Reliability Engineers with all of the items that they need to set up a full Wilcoxon monitoring system. Instead of searching through catalogs to locate six part numbers, they save time by going right to our website and ordering SK104. Everything they need arrives at their plant, usually in 48 hours."

Wilcoxon's Sensor Solution Kit offers significant savings over purchasing the parts separately. The introductory price of $995 is a saving of almost 30% percent over the list price of its components when purchased separately. By combining industry-leading quality and a 98% on-time delivery record with effortless ordering, Wilcoxon lives out their pledge of Total Lower Cost (TLC) of Ownership.

The Sensor Solution Kit is targeted for condition based monitoring in a variety of applications including: fans, motors, blowers, compressors, chillers, gearboxes, pumps, reciprocating compressors, cooling towers, mixers, gas/steam turbines and centrifuges.

For over 40 years, Wilcoxon Research has been committed to providing innovative vibration instrumentation, backed by outstanding customer service and a generous warranty. Wilcoxon's Total Lower Cost (TLC) of Ownership means that you won't waste time and money replacing failed sensors or waiting for items with long lead times.

To purchase a Sensor Solution Kit, or for information on Wilcoxon's pledge of Total Lower Cost (TLC) of Ownership, visit, call 1-800-WILCOXON, or send an email to

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