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Sensor/Connector suits production line machinery.

Press Release Summary:

Sensor/Connector/Cabling solution includes 10-30 Vdc sensors designed for use with M5 connector. Smooth barrel sensor is 4 mm in dia with rated operating distance of 0.8 mm, while threaded barrel sensor is 5 mm in dia with extended operating distance of 1.5 mm. Stainless steel sensors meet IP 67 specs and have LED built into barrel. M5x0.5 locking ring connector cables have outside connector nut diameter of 6 mm and come in straight and right angle versions.

Original Press Release:

Balluff Unveils World's Smallest Sensor/Connector Combo

FLORENCE, KY (March 17, 2003)- Balluff announces the introduction of its M5 the world's smallest sensor connector. The M5 is the key element of a new sensor/connector/cabling solution that provides substantial new application flexibility to production lines and associated OEM production machinery designs.

Elements include a new family of 10-30V DC sensors designed for use with the M5 connector, with diameters of 4 mm (smooth barrel) and 5 mm (threaded barrel). Also included are Balluff's
new M5x0.5 locking ring connector cables, with outside connector nut diameter measuring 6 mm in diameter, available in straight and right angle versions.

The unique Balluff-designed sensor/connector family is not limited by its size. The first 4 mm and 5 mm sensors incorporating this new M5 connector meet IP 67 specs, have an easy-to-see LED built into their barrel, and are constructed of stainless steel. Sensor housing length for each measures a mere 35 mm. The 4 mm version has a rated operating distance of 0.8 mm: the 5 mm is a "2x" model with an extended operating distance of 1.5 mm.

New Small Size Leads to New Application Capabilities

"We feel this is a breakthrough product," notes Balluff Inductive Product Manager Craig Brockman. "There were 4 mm sensors before the M5 connector, but their use was restricted by
the larger diameters of their connectors. Now with our new connector design, we have a product that can truly get into spaces that were impossible to reach just a few months ago"'.

Applications ideal for the new M5 include gripper applications, semiconductor and electronic industry usage, in-die sensing use, and any application that requires multiple sensors within a very small area.

Balluff Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Balluff GmbH & Co., Neuhausen, Germany. Balluff has been one of the world's leading sensor suppliers since 1921, with the resources, commitment, and know how to help customers significantly increase productivity and lower production costs. Balluff products include a complete line of sensors, transducers, ID systems, and connectors and
cables. Our sensor lines include photoelectric, inductive, capacitive, and magnetic, as well as other more specialized sensor products to fit virtually any sensing application. Balluff
concentrates on providing innovative and practical sensor solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. For further information on Balluff, Inc., call 1-800-543-8390, or
access our website at

For more information about the M5 contact Brigitte Loze at (800) 543-8390 x3271, e-mail, or visit

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