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Sensing and Timing Relay is capable of dual timing.

Press Release Summary:

Series ST Sensing and Timing relay is used for level sensing applications that need to detect 1 level of a liquid. Features include optional ON-DELAY, OFF-DELAY or SINGLE SHOT timing; 115 VAC input; transformer isolated sensing circuit; and voltage protected sensing input. Resistance sensing is rated at up to 10 Megohms. Additional features include sensing and output LED indicators, 10 AMP SPDT relay output, and plug-in package.

Original Press Release:

Series ST: Single Liquid Level Control with Timing

The Series ST is a Sensing and Timing relay used for level sensing applications that need to detect just one level of a liquid. Applications include high or low alarm level sensing or single point detection with optional timing functions. This product may also be used for any resistance sensing or continuity detection application.


115 VAC input
Low voltage, transformer isolated sensing circuit
Voltage protected sensing input
Resistance sensing up to 10 Megohms
Sensing and Output LED indicators
10 AMP SPDT relay output
Economical and compact plug-in package
Pricing starts at $55.00
Timing versions from $75.00

Basic mode of operation:

The output turns on whenever the resistance sensed is less than the setpoint value. Conductivity of liquids or other material may be sensed between the container wall and a single level probe. The output relay is activated when contact is made with the level probe. Optional timing functions are started based upon this level detection.


* Either Resistance or DC Voltage Inputs are

* Timing and logic functions in response to con-
tact closure, DC voltage, or resistance

* Timing ranges from milliseconds to hours.

* Dual adjustments set sensitivity and timing, or
dual timing.

* Input compatible with proximity, magnetic,
photoelectric sensors, etc.

* Relay output or solid state output to interface
with counters, solid state relays, PC's, etc.

* Transformer isolation (120 and 240 VAC
models only).


* A Series ST may be selected to suit most applications requiring high sensitivity resistance or DC voltage inputs. The resulting outputs may be either a relay or a high speed solid state signal. Control options include numerous combinations of logic and timing functions.

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