Semiconductor Test System supports digital and mixed-signal applications.

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Offering up to 512, 100 MHz channels with per-pin PMUs and integrated receiver interface, Model TS-900 is intended for component, SoC, and SiP test applications. Custom-designed test interface supports use of PCB Device Under Test boards. Additionally, receiver interface's pin blocks are field configurable, allowing users to upgrade receiver when modifying or upgrading system. Modular PXI-based system is available in bench top and cart configurations for lab or production floor.

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Geotest Announces PXI Semiconductor Test System for Digital and Mixed Signal Test Applications

TS-900 offers cost effective and configurable test solution with comparable features to proprietary ATE systems

Irvine, Calif. - Geotest today announced the TS-900, a new PXI-based test system for component, SoC and SiP test applications. Offering up to 512, 100 MHz channels with per-pin PMUs and an integrated receiver interface, the modular TS-900 includes a full-featured set of hardware and software capabilities for digital and mixed-signal test applications. The custom-designed, test interface supports the use of PCB DUT (Device Under Test) boards - a proven and high-performance method for interfacing to the device under test. Additionally, the receiver interface's pin blocks are field configurable, allowing users to upgrade the receiver when they modify or upgrade the system for new applications. The system supports 64 to 512 dynamic digital channels as well as a range of analog, power supply and RF resources.

"By leveraging the performance and cost advantages of the PXI architecture, Geotest has been able to develop a test system for semiconductor OEMs, fabless semiconductor vendors and packaging / test vendors needing a low cost, modular and configurable test system" said Loofie Gutterman, president of Geotest. "The TS-900 is part of our overall business strategy to deliver cost effective products and solutions for ATE applications. By combining high-performance PXI products such as the GX5295 with additional PXI resources and an innovative receiver interface, Geotest continues to set the pace for delivering products offering outstanding value and performance."

The basic TS-900 test system includes 64, 100 MHz digital I/O channels; 64 static digital I/O channels; a programmable user power supply; a system self-test and fixture. The software supplied with the TS-900 includes Geotest's DIOEasy for digital waveform editing / display and ATEasy which provides an integrated and complete test executive and test development environment, allowing users to quickly develop and easily maintain test applications. In addition, software tools are available for converting digital vectors from ASCII, WGL or STIL formats. The TS-900 is available in both bench top or cart configurations - providing additional flexibility for laboratory or production floor applications.

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The TS-900 is available now , with the base system priced at less than $75K USD.

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About Geotest - . Geotest - Marvin Test Systems, Inc. is a global supplier of PXI and PC-Based test equipment, software and automated test solutions for the electronics industry. Geotest¡¯s products and services include PXI chassis and instruments, Test Executive and development software (ATEasy), test systems and integration services. For over 20 years, Geotest has been supplying test and measurement products and solutions to leading global manufacturers in the military, aerospace, semiconductor, communications, medical, and industrial market segments.

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