Semi-Con Cable Scoring Tool safely performs spiral and ring cuts.

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In addition to concealed blade that reduces risk of lacerations to user, P2095 and P2096 are designed to eliminate damage to sensitive portions of cable. Enclosed blade, which does not leave surface of semi-con layer at any point during cable scoring to ensure cut is not compromised, rotates clockwise around cable for spiral cut and counterclockwise for ring cut. While P2095 scores .73–1.25 semi-con diameter cable, P2096 scores 1.25–1.55 semi-con diameter cable.

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Greenlee Introduces Two New Semi-Con Cable Scoring Tools

Rockford, IL -- Greenlee Textron, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company has launched two new semi-con cable scoring tools. These tools are ideal for those working in utility cable applications, specifically those who strip underground primary distribution cable. The P2095 and P2096 eliminate damage to sensitive portions of the cable, and the concealed blade reduces risk of lacerations to the user. The P2095 and P2096 semi-con cable scoring tools utilize an intuitive blade design that actuate around the cable, rotating clockwise for a spiral cut and counterclockwise for a ring cut. The same tool with different size capacities, the P2095 model has a capacity to score cable ø.73 - ø1.25 semi-con diameter, and the P2096 model has a capacity to score cable ø1.25 - ø1.55 semi-con diameter.

These new scoring tools utilize intuitive blade technology with a biased blade to score the semi-con layer of a primary cable in different patterns based on the direction that the tool is rotated around the cable. The enclosed blade does not leave the surface of the semi-con layer at any point during cable scoring, ensuring the ring cut is not compromised. This feature reduces the likelihood that the cable will fail or fault prematurely. The compact design also utilizes a less than 6-inch overall diameter from the center of the cable, allowing the product to be used in tight spaces such as a trench or vault.

The P2095 and P2096 semi-con cable scoring tools are a high quality solution for Faster, Safer & Easier® semi-con cable scoring from Greenlee. For more information, visit or call 1-800-435-0786.

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