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Semi-Automatic Filling System targets juice/beverage market.

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Apr 29, 2014 - Constructed of stainless steel, Liqui-Box 900 provides ergonomic 5 gallon filling at up to 4 bags per minute, making it suitable for start-up and low volume beverage and juice filling operations. System features touchscreen user interface, safety bars, automatic start, electronic counter, and standard vacuum and nitrogen purge system to protect products.

Liqui-Box Corp. - Worthington, OH

Original Press Release

Liqui-Box Introduces the Liqui-Box 900 Filling System

Press release date: Apr 21, 2014

WORTHINGTON, Ohio, -- Liqui-Box provides liquid packaging and filling systems with total cost of ownership matched to their customer's needs throughout the world. The latest addition to the Liqui-Box filler line up is the entry level semi-automatic Liqui-Box 900 for the Asian beverage and juice markets.

Liqui-Box is proud to announce the introduction of the Liqui-Box 900, a simple to operate semi-automatic filler that is reliable, accurate, easy to maintain, ergonomic, safe, and efficient. The Liqui-Box 900 delivers fast and accurate filling, easy to use controls, and ergonomic 5 gallon filling at up to 4 bags per minute making it the perfect filler for start-up and low volume beverage and juice filling operations. In addition the Liqui-Box 900 features a modern touch screen user interface to ensure ease of operation and a standard vacuum and nitrogen purge system that protects customer's valuable products. The Liqui-Box 900 provides all these features at a cost efficient investment that maintains a low total cost of ownership filling system from purchase through operation.

About Liqui-Box
Liqui-Box is a leading innovator of sustainable packaging solutions for quick, fresh and cost efficient delivery of liquid and semi-liquid products. Liqui-Box manufactures bag-in-box flexible packaging and pouches to serve a wide variety of industries, including global dairy, beverage and bulk food markets.  Applications include fountain beverage syrup, milkshake mix, coffee drinks, pumpable liquid foods such as concentrates and sauces, as well as non-food products like oils and paints.  Liqui-Box offers the fastest filling equipment in the industry, along with consumable packaging, including film substrates, bags with fitments, and pouches. Liqui-Box is a portfolio company of The Sterling Group, a Houston-based middle market private equity firm with over 30 years experience improving and growing packaging and other industrial businesses.

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