SEMCOR's Fluid Handling Division

We a wide range of products to allow us to help you find a variety of solutions for  your fluid control problems. Many of these products are specially engineered for resisting corrosion from harsh chemicals.

Resistoflex introduced lined pipe and fittings to provide the ultimate in rigid  piping for high temperature applications and corrosion resistance. With the acquisition of Dow Pipe, we can offer the choice of Therma-Lok, Swaged pipe, or Conquest pipe technology for fewer flanges. In addition to standard lined pipe and fittings, we offer fluoropolymer (PTFE) lined dip pipes, spargers and expansion joints. Pipe liners include fluoropolymer (PTFE), Polypropylene, and Kynar®. Fabrication capabilities including flaring spools with rotating flanges at SEMCOR, allowing you to determine lengths at the last minute. All TFE pipe and fittings are designed to withstand full vacuum at high temperatures.

SEMCOR's valve program offers you the best of value and performance. You can select as much performance as you need for your application and always know that you are receiving a quality product. We can supply valves manufactured from a large variety of metal alloys as well as plastic lined valves. Our goal is to provide you with the right high performance valve for your application, whether Ball, Butterfly, Knifegate, Diaphragm, Check, or Sanitary valve. We can supply electric or pneumatic actuators and we fabricate our own brackets. Click on the links below to view some of the quality manufacturers that we represent.

SEMCOR's hose program is based on having all varieties of hose available to handle any customer  requirement. We can supply rubber, metal, fluoropolymer (PTFE), composite or plastic. Our goal is to provide you with the right hose for your application. Fabrication capabilities include welding fittings onto metal hose, swaging fittings on fluoropolymer (PTFE) hose, and clamping fittings on rubber hose.

We supply Resistoflex TFE lined bellows and expansion joints. We can also supply metal and rubber expansion joints to meet your requirements.

SEMCOR has been supplying instrumentation engineers and maintenance supervisors with a variety of instruments over the years. All types of pressure gauges, including the Dwyer Spirahelic direct drive gauge, ideal on severe applications, and diaphragm seals to protect the gauge from corrosive service, 3A sanitary gauges, test gauges, analog and digital. SEMCOR also sell pressure transducers, and transmitters, I/P transducers, dial thermometers, RTD's, thermocouples, PID single loop controllers, as well as a variety of process calibrators.

We distribute and help you design OPW spring balanced loading arms. Transbulk loading racks are available to provide the ultimate in safety, ease of installation and durability. Transbulk loading racks are designed to be installed in conjunction with loading arms to provide the ultimate in safety, ease of installation, and durability. Both loading arms and racks can be custom designed and fabricated to customer requirements.

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