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Self Recuperative Burner suits direct-fired furnaces.

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Self Recuperative Burner suits direct-fired furnaces.

May 10, 2011 - Offered in 3 sizes with max capacity from 200,000-600,000 BTU/hr, Model TJSR v5 can be fired on natural gas, propane, or butane. Unit supports High/Low/Off firing as well as on-ratio and excess air firing. Integral eductor pulls furnace exhaust through internal ceramic recuperator, while internally insulated heat exchanger section and exhaust housing hold heat in recuperative section, adding to heat recovery efficiency. Design eliminates hot air ductwork required by external recuperators.

Original Press Release

Eclipse Inc. Launches New ThermJet Self Recuperative Burner (TJSR)

Press release date: May 01, 2011

New Self-Recuperative Direct-Fired Burner for direct-fired furnace applications

Eclipse, Inc. has introduced the TJSR v5 self-recuperative burner for direct-fired furnace heating applications. The advanced burner design combines a high velocity flame with fuel saving recuperation. A space saving integral eductor pulls the furnace exhaust through an internal ceramic recuperator. The recuperator preheats the incoming combustion air to very high levels, which improves furnace operating efficiency to reduce fuel usage by as much as 50% over typical ambient air burners. The TJSR v5 design eliminates the need for the hot air ductwork required by external recuperators, providing savings in hardware and installation. The internally insulated heat exchanger section and exhaust housing hold heat in the recuperative section, adding to the heat recovery efficiency. This also keeps external temperatures very low, providing better operator comfort and reduced thermal wear on associated equipment outside the furnace shell. The integrated gas and air orifices simplify burner piping, set-up and adjustment. There is no guesswork with input levels or burner capacity settings at startup.

The new burner housing design is up to 40% lighter, making furnace structural changes and installation simpler, with no fear of high stress mounting areas. Internal components are made of space age silicon carbide materials, built to deliver excellent heat transfer and extremely long burner life. Installation, operation, and maintenance are simplified and less costly. And the fuel savings are constant, with no degradation of the exchanger/recuperator section, even after years of use. TJSR V5 can be fired on natural gas, propane or butane. The burner is available in three sizes, with a maximum capacity ranging from 200,000 to 600,000 BTU/hr. (60 to 175 kW). With the TJSR v5, you can light anywhere in the ignition range, with no pilot required. The TJSR v5 is capable of firing at High/Low/Off. On-ratio firing and excess air firing can also be accomplished. With the highest flame speed in the industry, TJSR v5 delivers a stable flame throughout its full input range.

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Founded in 1908, in Rockford, Illinois, Eclipse, Inc. is now under the third generation of family ownership. Eclipse, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of products and systems for industrial heating and drying applications. They design and manufacture a wide variety of gas and oil burners, recuperators and heat exchangers, complete combustion systems, and accessories for combustion systems. Eclipse, Inc. offers its customers an excellent single source for design, installation, and service for total combustion needs, supported by expert application engineering services, anywhere in the world.

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