Self-Propelled Trailer operates in confined areas.

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Offering 100 ton capacity, Self-Propelled Trailer features Synchrosteer® computerized independent steering, Uniload® on-center rotating front axles, remote control operation, and on-board power generation. Unit measures 21 x 8 ft with 27 in. deck height and 15 x 7.5 in. solid urethane wheels that operate on any floor surface. With recommended speeds from 0-100 fpm empty and 0-70 ft loaded, trailer is suited for in-plant operation in congested, confined areas and narrow intersecting aisles.

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Self-Propelled Trailer Saves Space, Increases Productivity

Waverly, IA. - Wheelift Systems announces its space-saving, ultra-maneuverable, self-propelled trailers (SPT) in capacities to 100 tons and greater for in-plant use. These newly-developed self-propelled trailers are ideal for in-plant operation in congested, confined areas, and narrow intersecting aisles. Highly maneuverable, the Wheelift self-propelled trailers feature computerized independent steering, on-center rotating front axles, remote control operation, low-profile design and on-board power generation. These qualities serve to increase the areas in which these heavy duty in-plant platforms can operate - opening up new possibilities in manufacturing when dealing with the logistics of moving very large and awkward assemblies through manufacturing and assembly processes. The combination of high maneuverability, on board self-propulsion, and remote control operation opens a new realm of capabilities in heavy manufacturing operations These easy-to-operate self-propelled trailers benefit from Wheelift's proprietary Uniload® on-center rotation axle assemblies combined with their Synchrosteer® computerized steering technology. Each self-propelled trailer has two on-center rotation, electronically steered and driven independent axle assemblies on the front end. At the rear are two fixed direction rocker beam mounted axle assemblies that each has lateral articulation capability to assure fully equalized load sharing. This configuration allows for new levels of maneuverability by being able to rotate around the center point of the rear axles. Fully loaded, this featured Wheelift 100 ton SPT travels effortlessly via precise wireless controlled travel speed, direction and rotation. Wheelift's Engineering Manager, Craig Schmeiser offers: "Our customers are achieving significant gains in overall productively and a short return on investment. This new technology dramatically changes how manufacturers utilize their facilities by easily transporting and maneuvering huge assemblies, anywhere in-plant on any floor surface. The ability to effortlessly maneuver in narrow and confined spaces, as well as transporting loads weighing 50 tons and greater between assembly areas and outside storage, completely changes how plant space can be utilized." These self-propelled trailers are powered by a 480v, 3 phase AC, LP gas engine driven generator. A shore power back-up option is offered as a back-up power source and where virtually silent operation is desirable. While Wheelift SPTs can be built to a wide range of capacities and dimensions, this featured 100 ton unit has an overall length of 21 feet (6401mm), width of 8 feet (2438), deck height of 27 inches (686mm), and feature mill-duty-design axle and trailer frame construction. The 15 inch (381mm) by 7.5 inch (191mm) solid urethane wheels operate on virtually any floor surface. Operation on grades of less than 2% is recommended when fully loaded. The flat load deck measures 18.5 feet by 8 feet - Wheelift offers fixturing and custom fabrication services to accommodate specific requirements for locating and orienting the loads. Wheelift SPTs will operate in ambient temperatures of 110° F / 43° C maximum and minimum temperatures of 20° F / -7° C. Recommended speeds range from 0 - 100 fpm (30.5 mpm) empty and 0 - 70 fpm (21.4 mpm) loaded. This featured SPT's empty weight is 20,000 lb (9,072 kg), with a rated capacity of 200,000 lb (90,718 kg). These new self-propelled trailers are derived from Wheelift's omni-directional steer, self-loading transporters. Substituting the transporter's sophisticated all fluid suspension and lift capability for a three point suspension configuration utilizing a mechanical rocker beam mounting of two fixed direction laterally articulated axle assemblies on the rear the self-propelled trailer design greatly reduces the cost and opens up new alternatives in operations in which a lift or tilt capability is not necessary. The Wheelift heavy transporter and trailer capability group is part of the Doerfer Companies' TDS Automation division, headquartered in Waverly, IA. Doerfer's proprietary Wheelift technology offers customers an entirely new wheeled technology that provides flexibility never before available for moving very heavy payloads in large assembly operations. Doerfer was founded in 1961 to provide assembly automation and engineering services to the agricultural and metalworking industries. It has since grown to become the leading entity providing turnkey factory automation, press technology, tooling and automated guided vehicle technologies. These core competencies apply to a diverse industry cross section, incorporate numerous advanced technological capabilities, including specialized expertise in the nuclear, specialty fibers and chemical industries. Doerfer manufactures large format hydraulic presses, ranging in size from 500 to 13,000 tons, for the aerospace, automotive, building products, and transportation industries. Operating one of the largest tool and die facilities in the Southeast and Midwest United States, Doerfer serves the forming needs of customers in the aerospace, appliance, automotive and HVAC industries. Doerfer specializes in custom heavy capacity Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems with traditional wire or laser-guidance systems as well as inertial guidance technology. For additional information:
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