Self-Locking Washers feature anti-vibration design.

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Provided in pre-assembled pairs that are held together by hot melt glue, EZ Self-Locking Anti Vibration Washers are heat-treated and zinc-plated for maximum safety. Compliant with RoHS and WEE standards, units are available in sizes from 5-16 mm in stainless steel and 3-38 mm in carbon steel. Products are suited for use in high stress, corrosive, or high vibration environments.

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DISC-LOCK Launches New EZ Self-Locking Anti Vibration Washer

DISC-LOCK launched the new range of EZ Self Locking anti vibration washers that are an improvement on their standard self-locking washers. The standard DISC-LOCK self locking washers come in pairs, where the two separate washers have interlocking cams and have to be assembled manually. This patented technology has proved to be very effective in a wide range of high stress, corrosive, or high vibration environments. The new improved EZ Self Locking anti vibration washers come in pre assembled pairs held together by a special hot melt glue from Universal Systems Limited based in the UK.

These new "glued pairs" facilitate the handling and installation of these self-locking washers. In addition these carbon steel washers are RoHS & WEE compliant, heat treated and then zinc plated for maximum safety and effectiveness. The DISC-LOCK self-locking anti vibration washers are available in sizes 5mm - 16mm ( 3/16" - 5/8" ) in stainless steel and in sizes 3mm - 38mm ( #6 - 1-1/2" ) in carbon steel.

The marketplace is becoming increasingly safety conscious and requires these kind of self-locking washer solutions in vibration sensitive environments. The onus is on transportation companies to adopt this new and affordable technology. The cost of these self-locking washers is miniscule compared to cost of life and property when the anti vibration washers are not installed and connections fail with serious consequences.

Self-Locking washer, technical specifications, MSDS sheets, Pricing, Video demonstrations and Ordering information is available at

DISC-LOCK manufacturers a full product range of Safety Transportation Solutions for the transportation industry, specifically Trucks and Trailers. DISC-LOCK product range include Safety Wheel Nut, Vibration proof Locking Nuts, Truck Frame Fastening System, Rapid Bolt and Nut Tensioning system, Rail Car Fastening system, and locking washers.
For more information, please contact DISC-LOCK at 310 944 9352 or Toll Free 877 944 9352

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