Self-Drilling Screws can cut through sheet metal.

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Incorporating technology used to form threads and points of screws resulting in sharp cutting edges, Grip-Kwick(TM) self drilling screws bite into sheet metal quickly and cut clean hole in base material. They also utilize technology used for placement of metal forming serrations on underside of screw head, which creates locking capability for screws. Available in diameters from #8 to #¼, units are suited for HVAC, white goods, sheet metal assemblies, and stitching screw applications.

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New Grip-Kwick(TM) Self-Drilling Screws Cut Faster, Clamp Tighter Than Ordinary Self-Drilling Screws

June 16, 2008

New from Parker-Kalon®, Grip-Kwick(TM) Self-Drilling Screws cut through sheet metal fast, clamp tight and stop spin-out in thin metal before it starts.

(Shelton, Connecticut) Emhart® Teknologies has announced the launch of a new branded line of Parker-Kalon® self-drilling screws: Grip-Kwick(TM) self drilling screws. The new screws combine two Emhart Teknologies' designs to give Grip-Kwick(TM) self-drilling screws superior performance over ordinary self-drilling screws both in cutting speed and final torque load. The first technology is the process used to form the threads and points of the screws resulting in tough, extremely sharp cutting edges. These edges ensure that the screw bites into the sheet metal quickly, and cuts a clean hole in the base material.

The second technology is the placement of patented metal forming serrations on the underside of the screw head which creates a locking capability for the screws. The serrations literally cold form the surface area of the base material under the head during assembly. This locks the screw and the sheet metal layers together faster and tighter than ordinary screws, and achieves this without any appreciable spin-out. The result is an assembly that's stays together until the user decides to take it apart.

According to Parker Kalon® Product Manager, Mike Knipple," By combining fast, accurate tapping and drilling with locking capability Grip-Kwick(TM) self-drilling screws will save time and money for users during installation, plus Grip-Kwick(TM) screws will result in a tighter assembly, reducing warranty and repair costs down the line."

Grip-Kwick(TM) self-drilling screws are available in diameters from #8 to #¼ and are ideal for HVAC, white goods, sheet metal assemblies and stitching screw applications where resistance to vibration loosening is desirable. All Grip-Kwick(TM) self-drilling screws are RoHS compliant.

Mr. Knipple adds, "In laboratory testing, Grip-Kwick(TM) self-drilling screws achieved 40% higher torque loads than some leading competitive screws designed to resist strip-out. The higher torque loads provide users with more design flexibility, enabling them to attain precise product performance by specifying the optimum sheet metal thickness for their applications."

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