Self-Cleaning Filtration System for High-Temperature Oil Avoids Stoppages on Production Line

Automatic self-cleaning filter provides smart solution for food producer by replacing paper filtration method with useable filtration system

Milhans Gida ve Tarim Urunleri (Milhans) is a leading producer of high-quality nut products, and a major manufacturer of private-label products to some of Turkey's largest food retailers, as well as supplying its own range of snacks.

A key area of production is the peanut processing line, where it is imperative that the quality and hygiene of the final products are of the highest quality. As Milhans continues to meet increasing demand for its products, the equipment used throughout the plant must meet high capacity levels without compromising product quality. When seeking a cooking oil filtration system to optimize the recovery of frying oil from the fryer, Milhans consulted Russell Finex, specialists in separation equipment for the food industry.

Milhans was using a paper filtration system to filter the recovered frying oil. However, this system did not achieve the required throughput, nor did it provide consistent filtration quality, and manually changing the paper filter cartridges caused production downtime.

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® with a Russell Filter Management System™ was the solution for recovering the used frying oil. This inline filter for cooking oils was easy to install in the existing production line, capable of filtering high-temperature liquids and providing a significant upgrade on the previous paper cartridge filters.

As well as delivering increased throughput, the new frying oil filter ensures a finer, more consistent quality of cooking oil. In addition, the unique self-cleaning design means there are no stoppages to change filter cartridges and no slowing of throughput to clean blocked filter elements. The filters are totally enclosed, eliminating fumes and limiting operator exposure to liquid. A range of high-flow, high-temperature and sanitary liquid filters is available to suit various applications. The addition of the Russell Filter Management System™ allows complete automation of the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®. The automatic filtration system continuously monitors the filtration process, enabling the filter to run efficiently without operator involvement.

Contact Russell Finex to discover how a range of innovative self-cleaning filters can improve the efficiency of your food production line.

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