Selecting the Right Safety Management Metrics Series (3) Choosing the Right Performance Indicators - Process or Outcome Metrics

The Three Sixty Safety system has two focuses: a process focus and an outcome focus. To evaluate the performance of a safety management system, you need to have both process metrics and outcome metrics. How do you decide which process metrics or outcome metrics to use?

To come up with the right performance indicator (a metric), you need to first determine what question you want answered. You need to decide the purpose for which a particular performance indicator is to be used and by whom. Outcome metrics are clearly linked to results but are often misleading in evaluating complex systems. Process metrics are often easier to develop and interpret but can be irrelevant to the outcomes you ultimately want to achieve.  In the next blog I will be discussing the use of Outcome Metrics.

Look for the next blog in this series covering choosing the right performance indicators – Outcome Metrics?

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