Seismic Expansion Joint suits split slab construction.

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Intended for large and seismic expansion gaps found in split-slab construction, Model SJS-FP-FR is UL/ULC certified for nominal joint openings from 4-6 in. with up to 100% of total joint size movement and 1- or 2-hour fire rating. Watertight expansion joint is installed entirely from deck or floor above, eliminating need for utility lifts. Typical applications include parking decks, stadiums, concourses, and anywhere trafficability and fire rating are required.

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Fire-Rated Seismic Expansion Joint for Split Slab Construction Now Available

EMSEAL announces its UL-Certified 2-Hour Fire-Rated Watertight Expansion Joint for Seismic and Large Expansion Gaps in Plaza Decks

WESTBOROUGH, MASS. - EMSEAL Joint Systems Ltd has just released its new expansion joint system SJS-FP-FR, to be used in large and seismic expansion gaps found in split-slab construction needing a watertight and trafficable joint which is also fire-rated. SJS-FP-FR is a single-system, UL/ULC-certified 1-hour or 2-hour fire-rated, watertight expansion joint.

SJS-FP-FR is a unique product because it addresses the issues of watertightness, fire-spread, and pedestrian or vehicular traffic at large expansion gaps built into plaza decks and sandwich slab construction. The system design combines the basis of design from EMSEAL's watertight FP split slab products, the UL/ULC fire-rated capabilities of the EMSHIELD product line, and the larger-gap expansion joint cover plate system of the SJS products. By producing an expansion joint with the attributes of these three lines EMSEAL has created a simple and warranted solution previously unavailable to the construction and waterproofing community until now.

UL/ULC-certified fire-rated performance built into the expansion joint eliminates the need for additional fire-blankets, gutters and other products. Costs and installation times are significantly reduced because, what has traditionally necessitated two or more separate products and installations, is now accomplished in a single product installation. Because SJS-FP-FR is installed entirely from the deck or floor above it eliminates the need for utility lifts or overhead holding labor, as well as obstructions from columns and under-slab HVAC, electrical, plumbing or mechanical materials.

SJS-FP-FR maintains the successful watertight design of SJS and SJS-FR which are manufactured to eliminate leaks and handle traffic and point loads at large structural expansion gaps. The product is UL and ULC certified for nominal joint openings from 4-inches to 10-inches (100mm - 250mm) with up to 100% of total joint size movement (+/- 50%) and meets the requirements of ASTM E1966, ASTM E119 and ASTM E1399. Typical applications are larger joints found in parking decks, stadiums, concourses, or anywhere trafficability AND a fire-rating are required.

EMSEAL's SJS-FP-FR is shipping and available for installation now. For more information about EMSEAL's innovative and expanding product lines, please contact EMSEAL at or call 508-836-0280 or visit the EMSEAL corporate website at

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