Seika Machinery Introduces McDry HM-1002BN Nitrogen Auto-Flow Cabinet

TORRANCE, CA — Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, introduces the new McDry HM-1002BN Nitrogen Auto-Flow Cabinet.

The HM-1002BN dry cabinet saves energy and reduces costs with the low-power mode. It uses less nitrogen compared to standard N2 cabinets due to high-performance drying units. The N2 Auto-Flow system enables quick recovery when opening and closing doors. Additionally, as with all McDry cabinets, the HM-1002BN offers a high quality build, ESD specifications and high performance.

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About Seika Machinery, Inc.

Seika Machinery, Inc. (SMI) is a subsidiary of Seika Corporation, Japan and member of the Mitsubishi Global Group. SMI provides electronics manufacturers with advanced machinery, superior materials and engineering services.

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