Segmented Photodiode provides position information.

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UV-SPOT Position Sensing Detector is segmented into 4 separate active areas with 0.005 in. gap between elements. It offers high stability over time and temperature within spectral range of 200-1,100 nm. Notch or bandpass filters can be added to achieve specific responses within spectral range. Position resolutions of better than 0.1 mm make photodiode suited for targeting and guidance systems, machine tool alignment, and beam centering.

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UDT Sensors' New Segmented Photodiode

Hawthorne, CA - October 3, 2003 - UDT Sensors, Inc., a subsidiary of OSI SYSTEMS (Nasdaq: OSIS), announces the UV-SPOT segmented photodiode. The new Position Sensing Detector (PSD) is a common substrate photodiode that is segmented into four separate active areas. Available with a 0.005" well-defined gap between the elements, it is extremely accurate and exhibits excellent resolution. The photodetector features high-speed response and ultra low, dark current making it ideal for highly accurate nulling or centering applications. Critical position information can be obtained using the segmented sensor when the light spot diameter is larger than the spacing between the cells. UDT's UV-SPOT detector features an excellent response match and high stability over time and temperature within the spectral range of 200 nm to 1100 nm. Notch or bandpass filters can be added to achieve specific responses within the spectral range. The fast response times, which are necessary for high speed or pulse operation, and the high performing position resolutions of better than 0.1mm make the UV-SPOT photodiodes excellent for targeting and guidance systems. Other applications for these sensors include machine tool alignment, beam centering, surface profiling and position measuring. The UV-SPOT series Segmented Photodiodes are available for shipment now from UDT Sensors. ABOUT THE COMPANY: Based in Hawthorne, California, UDT Sensors is a subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc. As the oldest and largest manufacturer of standard and custom photodetectors in the United States, UDT Sensors leads the optoelectronic industry in design, engineering and production of detectors, high-performance components and sub-assemblies. For more information about UDT Sensors, please visit: OSI Systems, Inc. is a diversified, global developer and distributor of optoelectronics for OEM manufacturing, the security, medical, and fiber optics markets. For additional information about OSI Systems, Inc. and subsidiaries, please visit:

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