Seginus Inc. is Pleased to Introduce EH9000-12, EH9000-13, EH9000-14, EH9000-35, EH24001129, EH26541101-1 and EHK271B-200L Bearings

The Bearings are eligible for installation on Hawker Beechcraft Aircraft Blower Assemblies and Compressor Drive Motors, which provide cooling and ventilation to the aircraft.

The Bearings are eligible for installation on Electromech Technologies, Raytheon Aircraft Company, Dynamic Air Engineering, Inc., and Aerospace Systems Components, Inc. Blower Assembly Models

Model Eligibility: Hawker Beechcraft 36, A36, A36TC, B36TC, V35B, E55, 58, C90, C90A, E90,B60, 100, 58P, 58TC, 200, 200C, 200CT, 200T, 300, B200, B200C, B200CT, B200T, B300, C99, 1900, 1900C, 1900D, F90

For more specific model eligibility details, please see the supplements section of our website. For sales information, please contact your regional distributor or our USA offices.

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