Seginus Inc. is Pleased to Introduce EH400SG1052-13, EH250SG1052-B, EH150SG1052-B, EHST102-2 Bearings and EHMB57A-902-1, EHMB56C-902-1, EHMB56C-902-6, EH26501123-1, EH26501123, EH35-2-3001, EH40-9-3004, EH420A21, and EH420A20 Brushes

The Bearings and Brushes are eligible for installation on various aircraft and rotorcraft components manufactured by Electromech Technologies, Hawker Beechcraft, TRW Aeronautical Systems/Lucas Aerospace, Advanced Industries, Inc., Aerospace Systems Components, Inc. and Dynamic Air Engineering, Inc., Inc. i.e., Centrifugal Blower Assemblies, Vane Axial Blower Assemblies, Compressor Drive Motors, and DC Starter-Generators.

Model Eligibility:



Supplement 3

For more specific model eligibility details, please see the supplements section of our website. For sales information, please contact your regional distributor or our USA offices.

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