Security Processor offers encryption, compression, hashing.

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Supplied in 11 x 11 mm package, SentryXL(TM) series benefits system designs by off-loading repetitive, compute- and memory-intensive tasks of encryption, compression, and hashing from CPU to eliminate bottlenecks. This standalone encryption and compression accelerator series, designed to work with CPU architectures such as X86 and PPC, consumes 0.3 W typ and is comprised of 3 products that deliver 160-550+ Mbps of encryption and compression performance.

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Hifn Extends Security Processor Leadership into Communication and Consumer Markets with New SentryXL Family of Security Processors

SentryXL Sets a New Benchmark as the Industry's Smallest, Most Power Efficient Security Processors

LOS GATOS, Calif., July 15 -- Hifn(TM) (NASDAQ:HIFN), the catalyst behind storage and networking innovation, today announced the SentryXL(TM) family of security processors, an addition to its Applied Services Processors (ASPs), delivering high-performance data encryption, compression, and hashing in a package of unprecedented size, power and cost for a new generation of space-, power-, and cost-constrained communication and consumer products.

The SentryXL product family sets the new benchmark for size and power consumption as the industry's smallest standalone encryption and compression accelerator. At only 11mm x 11mm package size and 0.3W of typical power consumption, the new SentryXL design is completely aligned with the needs of high density, environmentally-hardened and portable applications, including wireless base stations, wireless access points, multi-function networked printers, and portable communication devices.

Software compatible with Hifn's earlier generations of algorithm accelerators, SentryXL devices are very easy to drop-in to any system design. Furthermore, SentryXL devices are pin compatible and provide a range of price/performance solutions with a single design.

"Hifn leads the industry in security processor innovation and we continue to break new ground with smaller and lower power designs," said Michael Goldgof, Vice President of product marketing at Hifn. "Until now, the deployment of high performance, strong encryption and compression in networking, wireless and portable devices has been hampered by power consumption and size, especially in the consumer and wireless markets. The new SentryXL family delivers all of the encryption, compression, and hashing features Hifn is known for without sacrificing performance for power and size benefits."

Designed to work with the leading industry CPU architectures like the X86 and PPC, the Sentry XL can significantly benefit system designs by off loading from the CPU the repetitive, compute and memory intensive tasks of encryption, compression and hashing, eliminating system performance bottlenecks.

Wireless PicoBaseStations and FemtoCell stations are good examples of communication products that can benefit from SentryXL devices. It is estimated that, by 2010, 50% of the wireless traffic will be driven by increasingly bandwidth hungry services that service providers will roll out in order to continue to improve Average Revenue per User (ARPU). Applications will range from SMS and email requiring 40-75kbps per client device to interactive gaming and web browsing requiring more than 14 Mbps of bandwidth per client device. Secure, optimized, high-bandwidth backhaul will be required to support these services in every base station. The most effective way to deliver these services and improve the bandwidth of the backhaul links is to offload encryption and compression processing to a SentryXL ASP and free up CPU cycles and memory bandwidth for end-user differentiable and value add services.

The SentryXL product line includes three products -- 7964, 7965 and 7966 -- which deliver 160Mbps to over 550 Mbps of encryption and compression performance. The SentryXL processors are pin- and software-compatible, enabling OEMs to leverage a single design into multiple price/performance products by simply changing the security processor, thus, significantly lowering time to market and development cost, as well as providing a seamless upgrade path for evolving market requirements.

Built in a highly-efficient BGA package design, the SentryXL processors take up just one-fourth of the size of Hifn's previous entry-level product. The SentryXL platform is also a highly integrated design, the only product in its class to deliver hardware-advantaged encryption, compression, and hashing in a single chip. The small size and high level of integration have enabled Hifn to dramatically reduce the cost of the SentryXL products, opening up new price-sensitive markets to the benefits of high-performance data encryption and compression, and allowing OEMs to be more competitive by reducing overall system costs.


The SentryXL processors are available now. Customers interested in learning more about the SentryXL series should contact Hifn sales at or 408-399-3500.

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