Security Management Appliance suits small/mid-sized networks.

Press Release Summary:

Comprised of SmartScan(TM) Technology, software plug-ins, and subscription service, Auditor 128(TM) quarantines vulnerabilities without installing client on every device. System automates discovery and tracking of network assets, dynamically detecting wired and wireless devices as soon as they connect to network and auditing up to 256 IP addresses for CVEs. By sharing audit data with firewall, Auditor 128(TM) blocks traffic to and from vulnerable devices until equipment is secured.

Original Press Release:

PredatorWatch Launches World's Most Comprehensive Enterprise Security Management Appliance for Small- to Mid-Sized Networks

Auditor 128(TM) is Industry's First Clientless Quarantine System; Helps IT Managers and Security Consultants Simplify Security and Comply with Regulations

NORTH CHELMSFORD, Mass., Nov. 9 - PredatorWatch, Inc. today announced Auditor 128(TM), the world's most comprehensive Enterprise Security Management appliance for small- to mid-sized networks. The patent-pending, plug-and-play appliance provides the same level of security protection as large networks deployed by Fortune 500 companies, at a fraction of the cost. Auditor 128(TM) enables IT managers and security consultants to quarantine vulnerabilities without having to install a client on every device. Auditor 128(TM) provides organizations with the ability to simplify network security and meet compliance regulations by seamlessly integrating several critical measures: dynamic detection of wired and wireless devices, including laptops; automated, immediate audits of these assets; driving countermeasures such as firewalls with audit data; automated Windows OS patching; security policy building tools; and confidential regulatory compliance reporting.

Organizations of all sizes invest countless hours and billions of dollars each year on network security technologies. Yet they still continue to fall prey to denial of service attacks, virus and blended threats, hackers and worms. A single business can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on countermeasures such as intrusion detection systems, firewalls and anti-virus software, while the real network security culprits are common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).

CVEs, anything that can be exploited on any computer, are the systemic cause of over 95 percent of all network security breaches. Auditor 128(TM), which is based on proven PredatorWatch technology currently sold by IBM to large enterprises and government organizations, bolsters countermeasures, enabling IT managers and security consultants with limited resources to proactively secure small- to mid-sized networks behind the firewall and comply with myriad regulations.

Auditor 128(TM), which can be customized for specific organizational requirements, is comprised of SmartScan(TM) Technology, the world's fastest network security auditing and vulnerability assessment engine, software plug- ins and a subscription service. The small, easy-to-operate appliance, which features hardened Linux inside, automates the discovery and tracking of all network assets, dynamically detecting devices such as laptops and rogue wireless routers as soon as they connect to the network. It then immediately and automatically audits up to 256 IP addresses for CVEs. By sharing the audit data with a firewall, Auditor 128(TM) blocks traffic to and from vulnerable devices until the equipment is secured. As part of its tracking capabilities, Auditor 128(TM) also sends InventoryAlerts(TM) when an asset goes missing.

Plug-ins include security policy building tools and enable confidential reporting for compliance with regulations such as GLBA, HIPAA, FDA CFR 21 Part 11, and Sarbanes-Oxley Part 404. The subscription service allows the appliance to automatically update its vulnerability tests based on the latest federally-funded list of CVEs maintained by the MITRE Corporation. The service also allows the customer to selectively update plug-ins and other features of the appliance.

"We chose PredatorWatch as one of the components in our proactive Enterprise Security Management program," said Stephen Irish, executive vice president, Enterprise Bank and Trust Company. "Inside our firewall, the company's technology helps ensure newly deployed servers are locked down and allows us to remain up-to-date on the latest vulnerabilities and exposures on the CVE list. The technology also detects and diagnoses potential security flaws that could cause our bank to be at risk and non-compliant with GLBA and FDIC requirements."

"As mobility in the workforce grows, IT and network managers need to know who's accessing their network, when, and with what type of device," said Phebe Waterfield, security analyst with the Yankee Group. "Enterprises need to control how mobile devices connect to the network, and make sure they are not vulnerable to virus or worm infection. Auditor 128(TM) automatically detects laptops and rogue wireless devices and can share this information with other security tools to perform manual and automated remediation. Visibility and more automated remediation of network vulnerabilities are significant steps forward for small- to mid-sized networks; finally advanced network security tools are available for a smaller network."

"Auditor 128(TM) is changing the way small- to mid-sized networks are secured," said Gary Miliefsky, president and CEO of PredatorWatch. "Our clientless quarantine system, a turnkey security auditor, enables IT managers and security consultants to harden their networks."

Summary of key Auditor 128(TM) features:
o Dynamic Device Detector(TM) -- Catches laptops, wireless routers and other rogue devices on plug-in, monitoring the network as it changes on a just-in-time basis.
o Clientless Quarantine(TM) -- Unique to Auditor 128(TM), works in conjunction with Dynamic Device Detector to isolate vulnerable systems from the network. This feature even quarantines systems it has never seen before because it does not require any special client software.
o SmartScan(TM) -- A CVE compliant vulnerability assessment tool provides automated, immediate audits upon device detection, determining whether or not a system has vulnerabilities that may threaten the network.
o FirewallBooster(TM) -- Interacts with firewalls to control traffic to and from vulnerable nodes and/or ports, allowing shutdown of the access to the network when appropriate. Compatible firewalls now include Cisco, CyberGuard, Secure Computing and SnapGear, with CheckPoint and others available in December 2004.
o SecurityBooster(TM) -- Includes a PatchBooster(TM) for Microsoft's Windows Update and Microsoft's Software Update Services (SUS).
o Security Policy Builder -- Helps customers build a corporate security policy that enables compliance with various federal regulations, including GLBA, HIPAA, FDA CFR 21 Part 11, and Sarbanes-Oxley Part 404.
o Confidential Regulatory Compliance Reporting -- Not only does Auditor 128(TM) generate confidential reports for IT personnel, it also sends immediate alerts to the IT manager when a critical vulnerability arises on a system. The reports, which can be sorted by host/IP address or by vulnerability test number, also provide an audit trail to prove due care and due diligence in protecting network assets.

Pricing and Availability
Auditor 128(TM), which audits devices regardless of operating system and is also compatible with Novell Netware, is available now at a price starting at $1295. The plug-ins start at $19 per month, and the subscription CVE update service starts at $59 per month. For more information, IT managers and security consultants should contact PredatorWatch at either (978) 251-0823 or

About PredatorWatch
PredatorWatch, Inc. is dedicated to simplifying Enterprise Security Management. It is the only company to seamlessly integrate dynamic asset discovery and automated audits of wired and wireless devices against the federally-funded list of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), sharing data with countermeasures, automated Windows OS patching; security policy building tools, and confidential regulatory compliance reporting. The Auditor(TM) product line provides a simple dashboard and one-click approach that helps IT managers and security consultants proactively protect network assets, CFOs meet compliance regulations and CEOs ensure business continuity. Based in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, PredatorWatch is privately held. For more information, visit

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