Security Labels and Tapes reveal tampering attempts.

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Self-Adhesive Labels and Tapes adhere to openings and closures and can be inspected for audit trail, helping to safeguard integrity in any supply chain requirement. Type KR tape leaves remnant of security message on surface, while Type KNR tape indicates tampering by its absence or tamper message. Type KTL labels and tape are self-voiding and delaminate on package's surface. Type MRS2 tape stretches when applied to dynamic closure.

Original Press Release:

New Security Labels and Tape Reveal Tampering Attempts

Managers responsible for the secure arrival of high-value items can add new weaponry to their arsenal of anti-tampering strategy. Known as Self-Adhesive Labels and Tape, these new products from BROOKS can be used even on security applications where a sealing aperture for a traditional security seal is not available. Common applications for security labels and tapes include aircraft doors and hatches, fiber cartons, plastic packaging, documents, high security areas, or wherever it is necessary to deter as well as to reveal unauthorized attempts to access.

The new line of products consists of the following:
o type KR security tape that leaves a remnant of the security message on the surface when the label or tape is lifted
o type KNR security tape indicates tampering by its absence or by a tamper message in the tape that appears when the tape or label is lifted, but leaves no security message remnant on the surface
o type KTL packaging labels and tape are made of a self-voiding material that de-laminates on the package's surface when removed
o type MRS2 tape will stretch when it's applied to a dynamic closure, such as a marine container or a truck door

These new BROOKS products adhere to openings and closures to which they're applied. They're easily inspected to form an audit trail, which helps safeguard their integrity in any supply chain requirement. Depending upon the tape or label being used, if it is either missing or a remnant of it is left behind, this is an indication that a tampering event has occurred, and the integrity of the package has been compromised.

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