Security Identification Systems Corporation's (SISCO'S) A-PASS® 6 Life Safety and Security Solution Suite to Have Major Presence at Cruise Shipping Miami 2012

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - With the Cruise Industry expanding its reach around the globe and experiencing a 7.38% growth in passenger attendance annually, the results are bigger ships, more destinations, more on-board/on-shore activities and more passengers.

With this expansion of ship services and ship sizes, keeping track of passengers and crew is becoming even more demanding. Shore side excursions require accurate manifests, advanced scheduling and in some cases, compliance with local authorities. A-PASS® 6 now provides operators with a mobile solution that is capable of tracking passengers on tenders, busses and any other means of transportation, while accurately reporting to shore side and shipboard operations.

Utilizing the latest in mobile technology, the product delivers legendary SOLAS, IMO and Coast Guard compliant A-PASS® performance with the convenience of a wireless, go-anywhere PDA. The system can be easily deployed in any environment. A-PASS® 6 goes beyond embarkation and mustering to provide a mobile solution that can handle the largest fleet's immigration, age verification, access control and tendering needs as well. The A-PASS® Advanced Data Access Module (ADAM) supports the latest in SOA web service technology for seamless integration and real-time synchronization with most Passenger and Crew Management Systems (PMS/CMS).

Besides industry growth, recent events serve as a solemn reminder of the industry-wide need for impeccable control of shipboard operations relating to passenger and crew identification and tracking, especially in emergency situations. For over 16 years, A-PASS® has served the industry with its popular life safety and security solutions. As the de facto standard in the industry, the system is presently featured on hundreds of ships globally, comprising the single largest deployment of life safety and security solution software in the world.

Demonstrations of SISCO's A-PASS® 6 can be seen at Cruise Shipping Miami 2012 in booth #1915, Miami Beach Convention Center, March 13(th) through 15(th), 2012.


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