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Security Authentication Software controls access to corporate apps.

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Apr 15, 2014 - AppShield enables organizations to define dedicated application credentials and allow mobile access to apps requiring Active Directory authentication. Software provides network protection by blocking DDoS and brute-force attacks. Addressing critical authentication issues, product lets businesses give workers safe access to internal applications from corporate and privately owned devices.

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MobilityShield Introduces New Security Authentication Solution for Mobile Enterprise Apps

Press release date: Apr 07, 2014

AppShield enables organizations to offer mobile access to corporate apps that require Active Directory authentication by introducing an authentication process avoiding the usage of Active Directory credentials on the device.

JERUSALEM – MobilityShield [, an innovative solution that guarantees secure mobile authentication, today added AppShield [, an innovative security solution for organizations wishing to allow mobile access to corporate apps that require Active Directory authentication.

AppShield offers the following advantages:

        - Active Directory credentials protection - eliminates the need to use and
          store AD credentials on the mobile device by defining dedicated application
        - Network protection - blocks DDoS and brute-force attacks

The innovative AppShield was developed following the successful launch of two previous solutions for Microsoft products: LyncShield [, for safe usage of approved mobile devices to connect through Microsoft Lync, and SharePointShield [, a product suite that guarantees secure mobile connectivity for SharePoint users.

The need to develop a new solution to ensure the safe connection to corporate applications arises from the growing demand for security solutions for organizations that launch internal mobile business apps. These apps are accessible from public networks by corporate and privately owned devices (BYOD).

As most enterprise applications use Active Directory credentials for authentication they expose the corporate network to new and dangerous risks arising from adopting the same authentication concept to the usage of mobile devices outside the network's boundaries.

"Following the successful launch of our other solutions for secure mobile connectivity we were approached with requests for similar solutions for safe mobile access to enterprise apps," said Guy Eldan, CEO of AGAT Software Solutions, which developed MobilityShield. "AppShield addresses critical authentication issues, allowing businesses to provide their workers with safe access to their own developed applications in a seamless, secure manner."

The usage of Active Directory on a mobile device in a non-managed network or through a personal device is dangerous and may lead to Active Directory credential leakage. Moreover, publishing a corporate web application exposes the network to DDoS attacks.

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