Security Assessment Software analyzes systems in 3D.

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AVERT v5.1 incorporates security technologies and personnel into 3D model and calculates probability of threat detection/neutralization. What if scenarios are used to analyze security system effectiveness at each layer of defense. Program allows users to compare different security configurations simultaneously, and automatically determines optimal defense for given threat. It can model single structures to entire geographic regions and accounts for risks posed from from the air and water.

Original Press Release:

ARES Releases AVERT 5.1

BURLINGAME, Calif. - ARES Corporation announces the release of AVERT 5.1, the latest version of its powerful 3D security assessment and optimization software. As the only product of its type to receive the SAFETY Act certification from the Department of Homeland Security, AVERT 5.1 has been further upgraded for improved decision-making. The new version runs up to 57% faster and can analyze system effectiveness at separate layers of defense, combing through each section of any security system. In addition to increased detail, AVERT 5.1 comes with the capability to compare several different security configurations simultaneously, automatically determining the optimal defense for a given threat. For more information or for purchasing details, please visit or contact Tom P'Simer, Director of Sales, at (440) 962-3094 or

AVERT is the only tool of its kind on the market, providing repeatable and proven metrics to enable risk-informed decision-making. With the SAFETY Act certification from the DHS, the use of AVERT provides liability indemnification from the U.S. Government. This powerful software incorporates both security technologies and security personnel into a 3D model, calculating probability of threat detection and neutralization with solid, quantifiable metrics. AVERT's near-real-time "what if" scenarios analyze security system effectiveness at each layer of defense, identifying the optimal solution. The robust software can model any area, from single structures to entire geographic regions, and takes into account risks posed from the air as well as bodies of water. In this time of escalating security concerns, AVERT empowers users to maximize both system effectiveness and return on security investments.

"As the choice security software service on all DoD nuclear facilities worldwide, AVERT has been tested and proven on diverse facilities and sites in many environments," said Steve Fogarty, Vice President of ARES' Security Software Solutions. "The newest version expands this powerful functionality, allowing users to make effective security decisions both at a deeper layer and on a broader scale, covering every aspect of their security needs at an even faster processing speed."

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