Secured Wi-Fi provides up to 8 user access methods.

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Through Sangfor Wi-Fi, administrators can configure detailed access policies according to users' positions, terminals, locations, and time. Technology features built-in Radius authentication server and digital certificate authentication center, as well as millions-level URL library and thousands-level application protocol library. Through deep optimization on protocol stack of wireless transmissions, Sangfor Wi-Fi products optimize efficiency of network transmissions.

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Sangfor Technologies Launches the World's Most Secured Wi-Fi

SHENZHEN, China, – Sangfor Technologies launched the world's most secured Wi-Fi to the international market during its 2014 APAC Roadshow in April.

The most secure Wi-Fi

With up to 8 kinds of user access methods, it represents the perfect combination of security & user experience. Sangfor Wi-Fi has a built-in Radius authentication server and a digital certificate authentication (CA) center. In addition to pre-shared keys, it also supports Portal, 802.1x, SMS, CA certificates and other advanced authentication methods, and innovatively supports WeChat and QR code authentication, which is secure and convenient.

Leading combined security policy: Permission changes with different scenes

Through Sangfor Wi-Fi, administrators can configure more detailed access policies according to users' positions, terminals, locations and time. For example, if users from the Sales Department roam into the R&D Department's section of the office, then they will only be able to access the Internet but not the Intranet. Or for the some other users, they may have high permissions on their work PCs while accessing the Wi-Fi, but lower permissions with their private PCs or smartphones.

The most powerful Internet Access Management function

Sangfor Wi-Fi has built in a millions-level URL library and thousands-level application protocol library, which updates every week. Based on that enormous library, administrators can set rich access policies on websites and applications, thus improving Intranet security and business efficiency.

Patented "protocol stack acceleration" technology: A great leap forward in the transmission speed of Wi-Fi

Through deep optimization on the protocol stack of wireless transmissions Sangfor Wi-Fi products greatly improve the efficiency of network transmissions. It significantly improves user access speed under different network environments, especially under harsh network environments, with an average speed increase of 3-8 times, bringing the user experience of Wi-Fi to a new height.

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