Secure Testing with Brookfield CT3 Texture Analyzer

Guaranteeing food supply safety has many aspects and more twists and turns than we might anticipate. Recent outbreaks of food-borne illnesses from a variety of causes attests to this fact. Identifying the sources often involves tracking the product from its origin to the consumer. This process is complicated because many products are commodities that are often blended together along the way.

One area that isn't often mentioned in media news stories is the data from food product testing. The integrity of test data on food products is also subject to issues with batch tracking, accidental errors affecting data integrity and intentional misdeeds. The pharmaceutical industry is most protective of data integrity, largely by regulation, which has made testing software for pharmaceutical applications very expensive.

More reasonably priced software for food testing data is now available while still ensuring data integrity and traceability. Brookfield Texture Pro software comes with an active secure mode which accommodates multiple login identities but only one administrator login. The responsibility of the administrator is to set up testing protocols with naming schemes convenient to the products being tested. The actual testing is then done by technicians or QC personnel with normal user login names. User logins are unable to change or create any testing protocols. All test protocols can only be run exactly as they were specified by the administrator at the time they were created. The system prevents accidental, or intentional, changes in the test methodology, further insuring valid test data.

All test results are secure in a locked down Microsoft Access database. This provides a very compact system for storing a lot of test data while still enabling quick and easy access to your data files through intuitive search filters.


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