Secure Computing Releases Next Generation Web Gateway Security Solution in the Middle East

New Webwasher offers caching and security for companies operating in a Web 2.0 environment

October 08, 2007
Secure Computing Corporation (Nasdaq: SCUR), a leading enterprise gateway security company, has recently announced the release of a new version of the company's industry-leading Webwasher® Web gateway security solution in the Middle East, aimed at meeting today's stringent Web security requirements. Webwasher is the only Web gateway security solution that integrates caching and security to deliver bandwidth savings and reduced latency without compromising security. Coupled with Webwasher's top-rated anti-malware engine and industry-leading TrustedSourceTM global reputation system, today's enhanced Webwasher ensures security for the Web.

Today's bi-directional Web 2.0 environment continually introduces new and unknown threats, said IDC Research Manager Brian Burke. Through the use of popular Web 2.0 technologies and applications, unknown threats can enter networks through seemingly legitimate Web sites and proprietary information can exit a company with the click of a mouse. For these reasons, web gateway security should be a priority for any corporation working in a Web 2.0 environment.

Sami Mulla, Regional Sales Director-Middle East, Secure Computing, said, Wide adoption of Web 2.0 applications in the region, the increasing number of Web-based attacks, and growing use of SSL have all driven the need for Web security and data leakage protection for Web traffic. What we're delivering with Webwasher is the ability for companies to operate in a Web 2.0 world while meeting these threats head on.

The new version of Webwasher includes features such as SecureCache(TM), Anti-Malware Engine, Reputation-based Filtering, Secure Administration to meet Audit and Compliance Requirements, Webwasher SSL Scanner and Data Leakage Protection.

SecureCache(TM) integrates caching and security to deliver bandwidth savings and reduced latency without compromising security. The business requirements for caching have changed dramatically since they were first developed, and today caching introduces an array of new challenges to providing secure content. Webwasher's unique SecureCache design is the most efficient available, delivering significant improvements in caching when compared to legacy solutions.

Anti-Malware Engine for Web threats scans traffic to analyze its intent or predicted behavior. Webwasher is able to proactively protect against spyware, day-zero blended threats and targeted attacks. Solutions that rely solely on signature updates or heuristics cannot provide this level of security. Webwasher combines this threat protection against unknown malware with the exceptional performance of a signature-based anti-virus engine for known malware threats to provide the industry's best Web gateway defense against malware as illustrated in independent studies.

Reputation-based filtering powered by TrustedSource, is continually enhanced and updated as the threat landscape changes. Webwasher is now able to identify and assign reputations to new domains and URLs which do not yet have content, and consequently can't be categorized. So as spammers, phishers, and others are planning their next exploit, TrustedSource proactively assigns a malicious-intent reputation score based on factors including server location, relation to other IPs and behavior of related servers. This enables customers to protect their networks by Web reputation before an exploit is launched.

Secure administration to meet audit and compliance requirements is now included in the solution. Webwasher appliances now ship with SafeWord® two-factor authentication tightly integrated to provide secure, proof-positive access to administration of the Web gateway. Customers can expand their deployment of SafeWord to remote users or to their entire organization with the purchase of additional SafeWord tokens.

Webwasher SSL Scanner fills a serious security gap in the corporate IT wall of defense. Webwasher SSL Scanner denies hackers, viruses, and malicious content hidden in SSL-encrypted traffic access to the network. By scanning SSL (HTTPS) traffic and certificate updates, Webwasher enables enterprises to apply all of the advanced Webwasher protection filters, along with their existing security and Internet usage policies, to all encrypted traffic.

Data leakage protection protects organizations from outbound threats such as leakage of confidential information across all key Web protocols. Webwasher provides this by performing unique outbound scanning of content to prevent intellectual property loss, comply with regulatory requirements, and provide reporting for compliance as well as forensics in the event of leakage. For advanced DLP requirements, Webwasher integrates with third-party DLP engines.

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