SECUPACK®: Legally Binding Counterfeit Protection for Packaging from All Domains

For the first time, 3S Simons Security Systems present their industry solution SECUPACK® for legally binding product security and traceability of packaging from all sectors. SECUPACK® will be exhibited at Scanpack 2009, Scandinavia's biggest packaging fair, in Gothenburg/Sweden from 20th to 23rd October.

Nottuln/Germany, 19th August 2009. 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH present their new industry solution SECUPACK® for the first time at Scanpack 2009 at the stand of Heino Ilsemann GmbH, manufacturer of innovative packaging solutions and packaging lines. Both companies hereby establish an interesting and pioneering symbiosis for packaging and counterfeit-proof solutions for the industry.

With SECUPACK®, 3S has developed a solution especially for the packaging industry offering legally binding counterfeit protection of primary and secondary packaging from all domains. For example, folded boxes, tubes and blister packaging of different materials are secured with SECUPACK®, enabling an on the spot identification of originals. Additionally, customary product security systems like seals, labels, holograms and closures can be optimised with the 3S technology.

But not only anti-counterfeiting is covered by SECUPACK®. Through the combination with track & trace features, the industry solution provides the traceability of packaging and products throughout the entire production and delivery process. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers are able to trace every step of a product from production to sales. Counterfeited products or packaging are quickly identified and removed from the supply chain, for example by customs or other authorities.

SECUPACK® was developed on the basis of the worldwide smallest micro colourcode
particles SECUTAG®. These colour-codes are made of melamine alkyd polymers, manufactured in different sizes ranging from 8 to 90 micrometers. Like a genetic fingerprint, SECUTAG® identifies a product as original. With the so-called sandwich method, the different colour components are layered on top of each other. The selection of the colours and their sequence make up over 4.35 billion individual company codes. The colour-codes are applied onto different materials by established printing processes, directly added to the products or applied by means of a dispenser. The dispenser offers the possibility of easy application during the packaging process; no major changes to the manufacturing route are required. The application is effortlessly accomplished in-line with the packaging of the product, for example in blister packaging lines.

Colour-code protection is invisible to the naked eye; a standard pen microscope is
sufficient for identification. The micro colour-code technology SECUTAG® has remained forgery-proof for over a decade. The codes are accepted as evidence by international courts, support the defence of industrial property rights and assist the fight against unjustified product liability and damage claims. In the case of border seizures, the system supports targeted intervention and accelerates procuring decisive evidence on the identity of a product.

Interested parties can assure themselves of the protection possibilities with micro
colour-codes and the SECUPACK® industry solution on the ground. The easy application of the colour-codes onto different materials via dispenser will also be demonstrated. The products from 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH can be seen at Scanpack 2009, Gothenburg/Sweden from 20th to 23rd October 2009, at the stand of Heino Ilsemann GmbH, stand nr. G02:19.

For further information on legally binding product security, SECUTAG® and the industry solution SECUPACK®, please visit

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