Secondary Containment and Environmental Protection Spillguard Berms and Bridges from Rain for Rent

Bakersfield, CA - Rain for Rent's Spillguards and Spillguard Hose-Bridges are designed to fit your Best Management Practices to ensure environmentally safe projects.

Spillguards provide a safe and easy solution for your secondary containment needs to help prevent costly incidents. Available in sizes from 6'x10' to 30'x50', the portable, lightweight, polyurethane Spillguards are puncture resistant and come with heavy-duty belting. Specialty Acid Spillguards, Transport Spillguards, Hydroblast Spill Pads, and SprayGuards provide spill containment solutions for many industries including: marine, petrochemical, fuel transport, construction, and environmental.

Rain for Rent's Spillguards are complemented by the Spillguard Hose-Bridge. Hose-Bridges provide further environmental protection by supporting hose and pipe above the Spillguard berm. This allows Spillguard walls to stay up safely, keeps liquid in the designated area, and prevents hose from kinking damage. The Rain for Rent Spillguard Hose-Bridge is available in 4, 6, 8 and 12-inch sizes. The bridges are made of low-density polyethylene which makes them resistant to chemicals, durable, and lightweight.

For sales and rental inquiries, contact Rain for Rent, available 24/7, nationwide, at 800-742-7246, or visit us online at

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