Second Generation Firefilm...A/D Firefilm III

We are pleased to introduce A/D FIREFILM III, the next generation of thin-film intumescent fireproofing from A/D. A/D FIREFILM has been the specifier's choice since 1991 when it was first introduced to the market.

FIREFILM III is listed by UL, ITS and FM as equivalent to FIREFILM II in all the existing fire test designs and listings. In addition, A/D FIREFILM III significantly expands upon the thickness/rating information than its predecessor. Key features of the new UL Designs include:
  • Reduced thickness
  • Basecoat and Mesh are no longer needed
  • Basecoat is no longer needed
  • 3 hour rating

    For ½" wall structural tubes (A/P=0.46) Thickness: 324 mils Design ... X672
  • 1 hour ratings ...
    For ¼" wall structural tubes and pipes (A/P=0.22 and 0.24) Design ... X673

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