Seating Footring optimizes ergonomic support and sanitation.

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Intended for technical work environments, AFP Adjustable Footring is fabricated of chrome-plated, 22 in. diameter tubular steel ring with oval profile, and polished cast-aluminum spokes with fingertip-control adjustment hub. Once adjusted, footring locks firmly in place, supporting 350 lb users. Seamless construction and absence of underside reinforcing ribs enables efficient cleaning. Footring does not have screw-type adjustment knob, eliminating area that is prone to bacteria buildup.

Original Press Release:

New BioFit Seating Footring Enhances Ergonomic Support and Sanitation in Technical Workspaces

BioFit Engineered Products, a globally renowned manufacturer of ergonomic seating solutions and mobile folding tables, recently introduced a new adjustable footring for its seating products that is designed to increase ergonomic support for users and facilitate cleanliness in technical work environments. Designated the “AFP adjustable footring,” the component offers an alternative for seating used in today’s specialized work settings over traditional footrings developed decades ago.

The AFP adjustable footring is fabricated of a chrome-plated, 22” diameter tubular steel ring with an oval profile, and polished cast-aluminum spokes with a fingertip-control adjustment hub. The diameter is larger than traditional footrings, complementing BioFit seating models such as the MVMT chair, which has an abnormally expansive 2-inch seat slider range. The correlation of the larger footring with the extended slider range allows users to maintain comfortable, ergonomic positioning while conducting specialized tasks. Once adjusted, the footring locks firmly in place, as it is designed to support 350-lb. users and serve as a step up into high-seat-height chair models.

The seamless construction and absence of underside reinforcing ribs found on traditional footrings enables faster and more efficient cleaning. The AFP footring does not have a screw-type adjustment knob, eliminating an area historically difficult to clean and prone to dirt and bacteria buildup. Rather, its fingertip-control adjustment hub minimizes dust and grime buildup and takes less time to sanitize to workspace requirements.

BioFit President Ed Metzger shared: “With user-wellbeing as our touchstone, we continually look at ways to innovate − and sometimes re-engineer − to make our ergonomic seating better. With the AFP footring, our objective is to transition users from a serviceable, yet outdated part to a component which offers a more complete ergonomic experience and is easier to use and maintain.” The AFP adjustable footring is available on most BioFit MVMT and Foundation line seating models with seat height adjustment ranges greater than 22 inches.

BioFit Engineered Products designs and manufacturers LEED-compliant ergonomic seating, GREENGUARD-Gold certified cafeteria tables, carts and accessories for healthcare, laboratory, technology, office, education and industrial environments as well as custom applications. BioFit strives to improve the workplace experience through innovation, ergonomic performance and reliability. For more information, visit or call 800.597.0246.

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