Seasonings Applicator delivers uniform powder deposition.

Press Release Summary:

Incorporating PLC-based control system and powder-processing technology, custom-designed seasonings applicator enables range of powders to be applied at precisely controlled weights uniformly on product. Deposition depends on powder properties and can range from gravity-driven to smoke-like dispersion. System includes all mechanisms necessary for taking powder from bulk sources and depositing them, containing them, and capturing any percentage not applied to product.

Original Press Release:

Seasonings Applicator

Terronics Development is pleased to announce that it made another great step forward with a powder-processing technology that will have widespread applicability in the food industry.

Building on its previous successes, this new technology enables a wide range of food seasonings to be applied at precisely controlled weights uniformly on the product enhancing its quality, and potentially enabling new recipes.

Depending on the powder's properties, the result can be a gravity-driven uniform deposition onto the product for the large particle powders like sugar and cinnamon. Very fine cohesive powders can be made to produce a rather incredible "smoke-like" dispersion which is introduced into the very efficient Terronics electrostatic powder deposition system gently drawing this fine material onto the food product.

Materials as difficult to process as sugars, soy and cheese powders can now be applied as uniform depositions at controlled rates with virtually no waste and minimal clean up. Other materials whose nonflowable characteristics prevented their use at low levels or uniformity may be completely possible for use. Novel new products for the marketplace may now be developed.

The system Terronics has invented and developed for production use includes all the mechanisms necessary for taking powder from bulk sources and depositing them, containing them and capturing the very small percentage not applied to the product. A sophisticated PLC-based control system is used to insure process and product quality. Our commercial production equipment will be custom designed and optimized for each customer. Lab equipment is also available for our customers' internal R and D efforts.

Terronics is a 25 year old company with a record of very skillful and accomplished innovation in electrostatic processing. Demonstrations of this new technology are available at its Elwood, Indiana facility, and we encourage submitting powdermaterial challenges beforehand to enable us to optimize the process for your demonstration.

Please contact either Jerry Groshong, Jennifer Swenson, or Ed Escallon to schedule a presentation. We eagerly await your interest and will offer our best talents toward your success!

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