Search Light suits border patrolling and marine operations.

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Model PL24/6-S HID POWERLIGHT(TM) offers output of 1,300 lumen with 60 min burn time. Unit measures 13 in., weighs 32 ounces, and utilizes metal halide HID lamp and electronic ballast. Bulb and battery have life span of about 2,000 hr and 500 charges, respectively. Applications include search and rescue, law enforcement, EMS, security, inspections, fire investigation, and recreational activities like camping, hunting, boating, and aviation.

Original Press Release:

AE Light Introduces Shorter Version of PL24/6, 24W HID POWERLIGHT(TM)

AE Light, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allsman Enterprises, LLC of Grants Pass, OR, just introduced a shorter version of their HID POWERLIGHT(TM), PL24/6-S.

HID PowerLIght's are designed to throw light long distances in a small and compact form. Primarily intended for professional uses such as, search and rescue, border patrol, marine, law enforcement, EMS, security, inspections, fire investigation, and are also ideal for recreational activities including, camping, hunting, boating & aviation. Best used when light is needed to project farther than you can reach.

PL24/6-S, has lessened the size and weight of the popular 24W HID Personal Searchlight, maintaining its 1300 lumen output while still achieving a 60 minute burn time. An optional High Output battery is available that increases the burn time to 75 minutes.

PL24/6-S measures just thirteen inches, which is almost 3" shorter than the standard PL24 and weighs just 32 ounces. Pictured with the standard PL24/6, it accepts all AE Light lenses and accessories and uses the same chargers. The battery is easily changed so a backup battery can be used if longer burn times are required.

Utilizing the same efficient metal halide HID lamp, & electronic ballast; PL24/6-S has the same punch as its bigger brother. The bulb has a life span in excess of 2000+ hours, and the battery has a life span of 500+ charges. More than a flashlight, a Personal SearchLight(TM).

Dealer inquiries invited. For further information, contact Sales Department at AE Light, 1498 Rogue River Hwy, Grants Pass, OR 97527. Phone: 541-471-8988. Fax: 541-471-2263. E-Mail: Url:

Contact: Marc Allsman at 541-471-8988

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