SEALPAC Innovations at Anuga FoodTec 2012: Modern Vacuum Packaging, Efficient Inspection System, and Compact New Traysealer

Anuga FoodTec has a reputation as marketplace for innovations in the entire food industry. SEALPAC will be present again in 2012 to exhibit its pioneering packaging solutions. At our booth, one of your top addresses for modern tray-sealing and thermoforming technology, trade visitors can look forward to the premiere of an extremely compact traysealer, the presentation of innovative vacuum packs in both tray-sealing (TraySkin®) and thermoforming (TenderPac), as well as the demonstration of a high-performance packaging inspection system.

Compact SEALPAC A4, TraySkin® and PacInspect

SEALPAC's high-tech packaging machines become ever more compact, hence also paying off for production runs with smaller volumes whilst maintaining highest flexibility. With its new SEALPAC A4, the German packaging specialist now introduces for the first time at Anuga FoodTec a fully-automatic traysealer within the very successful A-series, which is characterized by an even smaller footprint. This ideal entry-level model distinguishes itself with high efficiency, for example in processing vacuum skin packs with the TraySkin® system. In this packaging process, products are sealed firmly in the tray by means of a highly transparent barrier film, resulting in extended shelf life and offering a highly attractive appearance.

Obviously the SEALPAC A4 will also handle MAP or any other special application, such as the patented CRYOVAC Mirabella® system - capabilities that are standard for any model within the SEALPAC A-series.
In addition, visitors to Anuga FoodTec will have the opportunity, using the example of the compact SEALPAC A4, to get acquainted with SEALPAC's latest protection covers on its fully automated traysealers. A practical tip-up function now allows for simplified cleaning and maintenance at an ergonomic working height.

By demonstrating the new PacInspect dual-inspection system, visitors to the SEALPAC booth will experience live at Anuga FoodTec a highly reliable final packaging control, which increases both product and process reliability significantly by combining various optical and mechanical control steps.

The TenderPac system - appetizing presentation, maximum shelf life
Within its thermoforming division, SEALPAC will attract attention with its modern post-maturation packaging system for red meat: TenderPac. This dual-compartment vacuum packaging system allows for secure and appetizing storage of high-quality red meat. Its special film properties are perfectly tuned to the maturation process, resulting in excellent tender meat quality, aromatic flavour and extended shelf life. The packaging system, which enables vertical presentation at retail, uses a second compartment to neatly collect the drip-loss during the maturation process. This ensures that the meat is stored hygienically and appetizingly at retail.

The TenderPac system is available on SEALPAC's complete range of RE-series thermoformers. By using the unique Rapid Air Forming technology, packs from different film thicknesses are formed to perfection in a highly energy-efficient process.

SEALPAC at Anuga FoodTec 2012: hall 6.1, stand B56/C59.

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