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Appeel® sealing media, optimised for multi-layer film lids for rigid food packaging, seal to APET. Lids made of above material peel off from container rims in one piece and offer puncture- and radiation-resistance. OPET and OPP films permit use of metal detectors to track food contaminants. All Appeel media offer low coefficient of friction, which improves machine running properties when processing from rollstock or when using pre-cut blanks.

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DuPont 'Smart' Peel Sealants Optimize Rigid Packaging

New Grades of DuPont(TM) Appeel® Offer Better Protection, Cost Savings for Multi-Layer Film Lids

WILMINGTON, DEL., June 2, 2003 - DuPont will be exhibiting further additions to its versatile family of Appeel® sealing media. The new grades are specially optimised for multi-layer film lids for rigid food packaging and seal very well to APET. They offer cost savings over conventional aluminum/lacquer lid systems, have very good peel behaviour and are easy to process. DuPont has also renamed some sealing media previously marketed under the trade name Bynel® and integrated them into the Appeel® family.

Conventional lid concepts for cups or trays made from polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), polyester film (APET) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) consist of aluminum foil coated with a peel lacquer. Compared with these lids, modern composite structures based on the easily processable Appeel® peel seal media and a plastic carrier film - for example OPET or OPP - have important advantages.

o On opening, the lids peel off easily from the container rim in one piece.

o Their high puncture resistance minimises unwanted costs that can be incurred as a result of losses and contamination during transport.

o Plant investment for lacquering, drying and air purification is no longer required.

OPET and OPP films are significantly less expensive than aluminum foil and also permit the use of metal detectors to track food contaminants. Where light-sensitive food makes the use of aluminum foils essential, coextrusion coating with Appeel® provides far higher puncture resistance and so ensures considerably better protection of the food product during transport.

All Appeel® media seal over a very wide temperature range and variations in equipment temperature have virtually no effect on seal quality. Because consistently high hot tack values are achieved, fast packaging speeds are also possible. The low coefficient of friction of Appeel® sealing media improves machine running properties both when processing from rollstock or when using pre-cut blanks. All Appeel® grades are compliant with food packaging regulations but limitations may exist in specific countries. DuPont can provide guidance as required.

Appeel® 11D554 and the special coextrusion coating grade 11R704 (previously Bynel® 11E554 and 11R704) are modified EVA copolymers with high transparency and a raised melting point. They produce peel seal layers that allow high-visibility presentation of the pack contents. Typical applications are portion packs for milk-based products, desserts, jams and sausage products. Their relatively high melting point and high hot tack also permit hot filling at up to 90°C followed by pasteurisation. Because of their very good organoleptic properties, these Appeel® grades can even be used to seal mineral water containers.

Innovative additions to the Appeel® family include the ethylene-methacrylate copolymers 20D745 and blown film grade 20D751. They provide especially good peel forces on trays and cups made from APET, which are used for modified atmosphere packaging among other applications. Their very high processing temperature capability of up to 290°C makes them suitable for use in typical high-volume applications, where hot, rapid coating is important, and permits activation of primers in hot lamination. Aluminum foils with a 10 µm peel coating of Appeel® 20D745 can be produced about 20% thinner than for lacquer systems, without any loss of puncture resistance.

A special feature of the new grades is that they form an impermeable seal to uncoated Tyvek® but when the pack is opened the lid film can be separated cleanly and fibre-free from this spunbonded material. Because of their good radiation resistance, the main applications for these grades are in the medical sector, where they are used for sterile packaging of surgical instruments.

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