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Sealed Switch Protection Overrated?

Protection: Inside and Out!

APM Hexseal boots are well-known to protect the insides of electrical devices and equipment from all sorts of attacks by man or Mother Nature.

However, with the increasing availability of "sealed switches" and similar devices, is there still a need for APM Hexseal boots? You bet there is! While "sealed" switches will prevent entry of contaminants, many users have found that the sealed device can still be vulnerable to dirt, grime and ice finding their way into the switch operating mechanism outside the switch, quickly jamming and freezing the external switch mechanism, rendering the switch useless.

Next time you use a sealed switch for a dirty environment, think twice and be sure to add APM Hexseal boots to your design. You won't be sorry.

Does APM have a solution to prevent leakage through switch panel cutouts?

Bushing seals, reusable self-sealing washers are designed for use with popular sealed switches and circuit breakers. While such sealed switches are designed to tolerate hostile environments (such as salt spray, wash-downs, lubricating fluids, weather, dust and other contaminants) that may compromise reliable switch operation, they typically do not seal the panel cutout in which they are mounted. Hence, these same contaminants may "leak past" the bushing through the panel cutout causing equipment/system failures.

Designed to prevent such leakage, each is fabricated from a stainless steel washer with a bonded high-tear strength silicone rubber sealing ring. The soft resilient ring conforms to the panel surface to seal out harmful contaminants.

• Seals the panel cutout in which the circuit breaker is mounted, protecting behind-panel components from dirt/moisture. No O-ring required.

• Reusable in the event the switch or circuit breaker fails and replacement is needed.

• Easy to install without the need for special tools, sealing compounds, sealing tapes, et al.

• Does not compromise switch or circuit breaker performance.

• Meets stringent Military, UL and Canadian National Standards regarding environmental requirements for electrical enclosures.

• UL Recognized for Type 4X & Type 6 enclosure protection.

• Meets IEC IP66/68 enclosure protection

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