Sealed Magnetic Catches provide 3.3-6.6 lb force.

Press Release Summary:

Hermetically sealed in polyacetal case, JM Series uses neodymium magnets and is available in 3 different shapes. Casing prevents metal-to-metal contacts with counter plates, minimizing contamination during open-close cycles, and making units suited for cleanroom applications. Special stainless steel counter plate is available to provide complete rust-free solution.

Original Press Release:

JM Series -- Sealed Magnetic Catches

The JM series is a unique and effective magnetic catch. The magnet is hermetically sealed in a polyacetal case. Ordinary magnetic catches have steel plates called "yoke" which is exposed and may lead to corrosion. Neodymium magnets are used to provide strong magnetic force in a small size. In addition, JM series are incased in plastic preventing "metal-to-metal" contacts with the counter plates. This minimizes contamination during the open close cycles, ideal for a clean-room application.

- Available in 3 different shapes
- Magnetic force from 3.3 lbs to 6.6 lbs.

Special stainless steel counter plate is available to provide complete rust free solution package. This counter plate is corrosion resistant that is equivalent to 316 stainless steel which is commonly used in marine applications.

Technical CAD drawings, PDF files and data sheets detailing the measurements and specifications for this product or any other product are available online at or by contacting our customer service toll free (888) 557-5267.

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