Sealed, IP65-Rated Handheld Enclosures can be used outdoors.

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TEKBOX sealed enclosures can be used outdoors or in harsh industrial environments. They consist of top and base moldings fitted together with deep tongue and groove feature and 4 self-tapping screws. Measuring 4.96 x 2.67 x 0.96 in. to 7.87 x 3.70 x 1.24 in., units have recessed areas in top and base parts for mounting membrane keypads or product labels, and screw pillars for fitting PCBs, keypads, and display assemblies. They are available in 4 rectangular sizes and 2 T-shaped sizes.

Original Press Release:

Stylish and Robust Sealed Handheld Enclosures

TEKO have extended their 'TEKBOX' enclosures range to include sealed versions rated IP65, similar to NEMA 4. As a result, these modern hand-held enclosures can now be used outdoor or in harsher industrial environments.

Typical applications will include test and measurement instruments, mobile data collection units, environmental monitoring equipment, medical devices etc.

'TEKBOX' enclosures consist of the top and base moldings which are fitted together with a deep tongue and groove feature and four self-tapping screws. The IP65 models are supplied with a rubber gasket which is fitted into the groove in the top part. This provides a high performance seal which is unaffected by frequent opening. 'TEKBOX' cases are molded in off-white or black ABS (UL 94 HB). Recessed areas in the top and base parts are provided for mounting membrane keypads or product labels.

The new sealed models are available in four rectangular sizes and two 'T' shaped sizes. The external dimensions range from 4.96" x 2.67" x 0.96" to 7.87" x 3.70" x 1.24".

Screw pillars are provided inside the top and base parts for fitting PCBs, keypads and display assemblies.

TEKO can supply the 'TEKBOX' enclosures with additional holes for push-buttons, connectors and displays etc., plus silk-screen printed legends and logos, and RFI/EMI shielding. The cases can also be molded or painted in alternative colors. Standard prices start at $11.

More information on these enclosures can be found on TEKO's website at:

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