Sealed Belt Drive keeps dirt and debris at bay.

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Offered in standard and clean room configurations, SBD Sealed Belt Drive comes in 80 and 100 mm beam widths with load capacity of 408 lb and 1,002 lb, respectively, and in single beam lengths to 6 m. Stainless steel band runs across length of beam, which is held in place by magnetic strip. Band and strip effectively enclose linear motion system, minimizing entrance of dirt and debris. Recirculating ball guides optimize load capacity and extend life.

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Bishop-Wisecarver Announces New Hepcomotion® SBD Sealed Belt Drive

Magnet and Steel Keep Dirt and Debris Out

Semicon; San Francisco, CA - - July 11, 2006 - - Heavy loads and high duty cycles can wreak havoc on many linear motion systems, especially when dirt and debris find their way into the mix. HepcoMotion's new SBD Sealed Belt Drive addresses this problem by introducing an innovative sealing method that keeps dirt and debris at bay.

A stainless steel band runs across the length of the beam, which is held in place by a magnetic strip. The band and strip effectively enclose the linear motion system, minimizing the entrance of dirt and debris.

SBD is offered in standard and clean room configurations, in 80 and 100mm beam widths, and in single beam lengths to 6 m. Longer beam units may be created by joining. Load capacity is 408 pounds and 1,002 pounds for the 80mm and 100mm beams, respectively. Units are equipped with HepcoMotion's high capacity LBG recirculating ball guides, which offer improved moment load capacity and extended life for high duty cycle applications.

Belt tension is set during manufacturing, but can easily be adjusted using tensioning screws at the end of the idle box. The drive end box is available with an output shaft or a bored drive pulley when greater mounting compactness is required. The system's mounting carriage plate can be removed and customized, and includes an integral switch cam, which can be mounted for left- or right-hand switching.

SBD clean room versions are certified by the Franhofer Institute to meet the ISO 14644-1: 1999, class 4 classification. They use a modified sealing arrangement and come equipped with generously sized polyurethane steel reinforced belts.

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