Sealant/Encapsulant cures with heat or UV light.

Press Release Summary:

EMCAST 4100, 100% solids, single-component, epoxy-based adhesive can be cured by exposure to ultra violet light in 320-380 nm wavelength range and/or with heat above 110°C to cure shadowed areas. Medium-viscosity product cures to rigid material with Shore D hardness of 92, CTE of 25 ppm/°C, and 150°C Tg. It adheres to various metals and ceramic surfaces and does not need to be refrigerated when shipped.

Original Press Release:

An Ultra Violet Light or Heat Curable Adhesive/Sealant/Encapsulant

An ultra violet light and/or heat-curing adhesive, EMCAST 4100 is available for sampling. This 100% solids, medium viscosity, one component epoxy based formulation can be cured by exposing to ultra violet light in the 320-380nm wavelength range and/or with heat above 110°C to cure the shadowed areas. It cures to a rigid material with a Shore D hardness of 92. It has a CTE of 25x10-6/°C and a 150°C Tg. EMCAST 4100 exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of metals and ceramic surfaces. EMCAST 4100 does not need to be shipped refrigerated. For more information contact Electronic Materials Inc. at phone (970) 547-0807, fax (970) 547-0817, e-mail: , Web site ,or write to 1814 Airport Road, Breckenridge, CO 80424.

Karl S. Medigner, Ph.D.
Technical Director, EMI

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