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Fluoroprene(TM) is fluid-resistant thermoplastic elastomer that offers low permeability, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and temperature resistance to 150°C. ARM 2000(TM) rubber material offers high resistance to heat and friction. ARM 3000(TM) provides synthetic engine oil resistance and is available in FKM, HNBR, ACM, and VMQ grades. Liqui-Last(TM) custom-formulated elastomer is injection moldable and can be robotically dispensed for cure-in-place sealing.

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Simrit Demonstrates Advanced Seal Materials Expertise at National Design Engineering Show in Chicago

CHICAGO, February 23, 2004 - To help meet the growing demand for more robust, reliable seals that can be used in harsh environments, Simrit is introducing four advanced seal materials at the National Design Engineering Show here today.

As the industrial sealing division of Freudenberg-NOK, Simrit was able to utilize technology resources through its global network of companies to develop these material innovations, which include: a fluid resistant thermoplastic elastomer called Fluoroprene(TM); advanced rubber materials called ARM 2000(TM)
and ARM 3000(TM); and finally Liqui-Last(TM) custom formulated liquid elastomers.

These and Simrit's other industrial sealing and precision-molded elastomeric components are on display at booth #2447.

As part of the company's expanded offerings for the industrial markets, these materials have been developed for sealing applications used in the aerospace, appliance, mobile machinery, outdoor power and recreation industries.

"These proprietary, advanced materials further underscore Simrit's position as a 'Technology Specialist' and industry leader." said Joel T. Johnson. vice president of technology
for Simrit. "We are committed to a specialized product focus and continue to advance our competency in industrial sealing, which ensures that our customers always receive world-class,
innovative products designed from leading-edge technology."

Fluoroprene is a fully fluorinate thermoplastic elastomer composition that bridges the gap between polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and fluorocarbon rubber. Seals manufactured from
Fluoroprene offer superior fluid resistance and lower permeability compared to conventional fluoroelastomer (FKM) rubbers and thermoplastic rubbers to fuels. Due to its improved chemical resistance, Fluoroprene has lower volume changes, demonstrating its superior dimensional stability. It also provides high temperature resistance (150 degrees Celsius) that other thermoplastic rubbers cannot.

Simrit is also introducing two advanced rubber materials - ARM 2000 and ARM 3000 -for industrial applications. ARM 2000 is the most advanced family of amine resistant materials
today. Not only does ARM 2000 offer outstanding heat resistance, but through a patented additive, it also provides superior wear resistance - making it the most friction resistant rubber
compound available. When Simrit's parent company, Freudenberg-NOK, used the material in automotive applications, ARM 2000 substantially lowered warranty claims.

ARM 3000 was designed specifically for synthetic engine oil resistance, resulting in a zero percent volume change after 1000 hours of immersion at 150 degrees Celsius. This advanced material also offers superior longevity and proven durability. In addition, many ARM 3000 products have been selected for OEM seals and gaskets. ARM 3000 is available in FKM, hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR), polyacrylate (ACM) and silicone (VMQ) grades.

Finally, Simrit has also launched Liqui-Last, custom formulated elastomers that are 100 percent solids, injection moldable and can be robotically dispensed for cure-in-place sealing,
which provides design freedom. Liqui-Last polymers include FKM, nitrile rubber (NBR), ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) and VMQ.

A market leader in sealing for the aerospace, appliance, mobile machinery, outdoor power and recreation market segments, Simrit draws from more than 150 years of experience and well-known brand names including Freudenberg®, NOK®, Disogrin®, Merkel® and
International Seal®. The Simrit Division is based at Freudenberg-NOK's headquarters in Plymouth, Mich. Freudenberg-NOK is part of the Freudenberg and NOK Group Companies, which have total annual sales of more than $7 billion.

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